Different Types Of Fruit You Can Grow In Your Garden

You may have pretty flowers in your garden, but have you considered growing your own fruit? There are many benefits to this such as saving you money on your supermarket bill and reducing plastic waste. If you want to grow your own fruit, you will need to make plenty of room in your garden to be able to plant them, as growing different types of fruit will take up a lot of space. Here are the different types of fruit you can grow in your garden.


Strawberries, of course, grow underground so you will need to make sure your soil is good enough to grow them; start planting them typically around Spring, or Autumn time, as that is when they will best thrive. Strawberries need access to plenty of sunlight, so if your garden lacks sun, you may want to consider growing Alpine strawberries, as they can still grow in shaded areas, and require less sun. Whilst planting strawberries, make sure to leave them plenty of space in between – this will give them a better chance of growing. Use your own composting to ensure your strawberry plants are well fertilized. Water them regularly, especially if you notice new plants growing, or are going through dry stages. Strawberry plants can also be added to hanging baskets to make sure that no pesky insects are getting to them.

Different Types Of Fruit You Can Grow In Your Garden


Oranges grow from a tree, so if you are keen to grow one in your garden, this kind could be for you. You could plant a tree from an orange seed, or you could buy an already grown orange tree that comes in a pot; orange trees thrive best in a sunny, but sheltered area – so make sure you find the best spot for your orange tree. In outside areas, orange trees will spout in May, but if kept inside or in a greenhouse, it will spout at all times of the year. If it’s being grown inside, make sure to keep ‘misting’ the plant to keep its humidity. If you already have a tree in your garden that isn’t a fruit tree, why not chop it down and make room for an orange tree? Bournemouth Tree Surgeon companies or tree surgeons near you are experts at cutting down trees in a correct and safe manner – so leave the tree cutting to the professionals.


Nectarines have a stone (pit) in the middle that includes seeds inside. When you’ve finished eating a nectarine, why not save the seeds and grow it in your garden? You should make sure to use a locally grown nectarine, as it will be accustomed to your climate, which gives them a better chance of growing; place the pit on a hard, level surface, and then use a hammer to break the pit to get the seeds out, once you have done that you are ready to plant them. Nectarines grow on trees, so if you haven’t got the time to plant one of your own, you could buy an already grown nectarine tree instead. Something to keep in mind is that if you want your nectarines to grow successfully outside, you will need to begin the process in mid – to late January. Here’s more information on the process of growing your own nectarines.

Different Types Of Fruit You Can Grow In Your Garden


Bananas are typically grown in tropical climates, so planting your own will be a lot more complex – but doable. Unlike other fruits that are grown from seeds, bananas are grown from bulbs; they require a lot of water and very rich soil… which means a lot of manure too. Banana trees are very sensitive to different temperatures; too hot or too cold, and they will not grow properly – so planting them inside, or in a greenhouse is a must. You will need plenty of room to grow this type of fruit, as banana trees become big – it takes approximately nine months for the bananas to fully form.

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