Different types of mattresses

If you are tired of using your old mattress, you may need to buy one. Also, you may need a new mattress if you aren’t comfortable in your present one. As per experts, you should change your mattress if it is older than five years. However, there are so many types in the market, that you may end up getting confused about which one to buy. To ease things for you, here is a list of the most prevalent and useful mattresses that you can buy to have a good night’s sleep.

Memory Foam

This mattress is suitable for someone who is looking forward to having a comfortable sleep. If you want additional support, you may need to consider this as well. Moreover, memory foam can prove to be a great choice if you side sleeper. These kinds of mattresses are extremely helpful for the body and ensure a proper sleeping position. It distributes the weight throughout your body and ensures proper support to shoulders and hips. It is one of the most comfortable kinds of mattresses.

Water bed

This may sound like an unusual concept to many, but water beds are a thing. These mattresses are held with the support of water and are the best for back sleepers. The rectangular chambers of water bed are padded with foam or any other comfortable material. The presence of water can either be in free flow chamber or limited flow wavelets chamber. There is no obstruction in the flow of water thereby ensuring the comfort for the overall body. You can choose the water bed based on the support and flexibility your body requires.

Latex mattress

Instead of memory foam mattress, these mattresses use latex and are often made of natural materials. Since these are not synthetic, these can have a positive impact on your body. Moreover, the firmness level of the latex mattresses can vary a lot depending on how the user wants to place the back, side or tummy. These do not produce excessive heat which is a good thing.

Pillow tops

If you side sleeper and do not like memory foam, then this mattress may be the right choice for you. Pillow tops are the upholstery that is usually added on top of the bed. They are soft and have a sinking feeling, thereby ensuring maximum comfort to the body. This can help your body stay in proper alignment. Pillow tops are very soft and have an internal coil mattress. As a result, you can choose based on your exact requirements and your health conditions.

Air Beds

These are very much similar to the water beds, but instead of water, air is filled up as the support. It is padded with foam for maximum support. One major benefits of air bed mattresses are that these can be easily adjusted thereby allowing you to make changes in the firmness. If you have been suffering from constant backaches, nothing can be better than air beds.

There are different types of mattresses, and you should always choose the one that suits all your requirements and is beneficial for your health.

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