Different Ways To Serve Chicken

Thinking about chicken for dinner? There are many ways to serve chicken from appetizer to main. Chicken meat is good to incorporate in appetizers because it is relatively light meat. It can easily go well with other flavors and ingredients since its taste is not overpowering. Chicken is also perfect for main course since it is easy to cook. Here are a few ideas to help create that chicken-filled menu with yummy dishes to spice up the evening:

Different Ways To Serve Chicken

  • Chicken soup – This warm tummy treat may be cooked creamy with mushroom or macaroni pasta. Chicken broth is also very tasty which will make a good, hearty soup.
  • Chicken in salad – Bits, chunks or shredded chicken may be tossed with leafy vegetables to make a green salad that is perfect to start off a meal. It can also be mixed with a creamy side dish like potato salad and macaroni salad.
  • Chicken and nachos: Soft chicken is a perfect match for crispy nachos or tacos. Many other toppings can be added to the chips with your choice of sauce.
  • Chicken in bread: Chicken chunks are tasty in between sandwiches or burgers. Chicken is also a great stuffing for chicken buns, empanadas, pizza and other pastries you wish to bake for dinner.
  • Chicken on a stick: Chicken kebab or chicken barbeque sticks are easy to serve and works well with rice which will surely satisfy one’s hunger for dinner.
  • Chicken wings or lollipop: Small portions are perfect for appetizers, but large amounts are qualified for a main course. This can be saucy or dry and crispy then matched with a dip. There are many recipes to choose from to satisfy your taste, from sweet, sour or spicy, to savory for a flavorful dish.
  • Chicken main: A big cut of chicken in the dinner plate can be filling and cooked in many ways. Grilled chicken, whole roasted chicken or fried chicken can fill a hungry stomach especially if served with pasta, rice, vegetables or a side dish.
  • Chicken tossed in pasta: Chicken slices are healthy source of protein especially when served with pasta. It can go well with all kinds of sauces, be it tomato-based, cream-based or oil-based.

The ways to cook chicken are endless. It can always be served whether it’s just a simple dinner or when there is a special occasion. There are thousands of chicken recipes out there, but this list can be your guide on how to deliciously serve chicken at dinner.

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