Direct Sales vs. Pre-Sale Fundraising

What do fundraisers and seatbelts have in common?  They are both necessary, and they both prevent significant loss.  Fundraising has become less of a supplemental pleasure and more of a necessity thanks to many budget cuts. Whether raising money to cover a field trip or buying new text books for students, many activities and supplies would not exist these days with out some form of fundraising.  There are thousands of schools in our nation and most of them will use some type of fundraising to support their budget.  What ever your reason is for holding a fundraiser, you should be well informed on what types of fundraisers would benefit your school the most.  Direct sale and pre-sell fundraisers are the most effective types of fundraisers for elementary schools and knowing the difference between each method will help you decide which route to take.

Direct Sale Fundraising

In this realm, your school will pick out an attractive fundraising company to order an inventory of products, these products will be given to the students/faculty and the students/faculty will “directly” hand over the goods to the buyer once a sale is made.  Some direct sale fund raising companies will require payments in advance for fundraising materials, while others will allow the products to be sold before collecting a payment.  Products that work significantly well with direct sale fundraising would be any type of candy, pizza cards, Lollipops and seasonal gifts.  The largest contribution the success of direct sale fundraising is the immediate transaction factor.  Donors do not have to wait several week to receive product which often has a positive influence on participation.  There are many effective approaches to selling these types of products, but one of the most effective is door-to-door sales in neighborhoods around the community. Remember, this is one of the most popular forms of fundraising, so only use this form of fundraising if there is minimal competition.

Pre-sell Fundraising

If you have a minimal budget and looking for a no capital up front type of fundraiser, a pre-sell fundraiser would most likely be your best option.  Each fundraiser volunteer will receiver a brochure or pamphlet to show potential customers the products you have chosen for your fundraiser.  Each volunteer will also receive an order from,  that way they can record and tally each individual sale.  Once you reach the allotted time for your fundraiser, each volunteer/participant will turn in their order forms.  As soon as all order forms are collected, they will be mailed off to the fundraising company, who will ship the requested products in return.  Once the products are shipped and received, volunteers will deliver the products to your customers.  It is strongly recommended you collect the payments for products up front, when taking the orders, instead of when the products are shipped.  Awesome pre-sell fundraising ideas include coffee products, cookie dough and seasonal gifts.  Family and friends are great potential supporters to sell these products to and word of mouth spreads quick!

What fundraiser is best for me?

Direct sale and pre-sell fundraisers are equally effective in terms of sales, but one may suit your school better than the other.  If you are on a low budget and can not put capital up front, pre-sell fundraising would be your best choice.  If you know of a demanded product that you know will sell quick for a profit, direct sale fundraising would be for you.  Regardless of which fundraising method you decide to use, remember to pick a product that is appealing and appropriate.  So buckle your seat belts and get the show on the road!

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