Disassembling Office Furniture For A Move

Some office furniture needs to be disassembled before it can be moved. Unfortunately, in the most expensive offices, there is probably going to be some furniture that does not disassemble readily. It may be very expensive furniture, such as handmade oak desks and so forth, that was never made to be disassembled. You may also have some of the cheaper particleboard furniture that does not disassemble well, simply because it will tend to fall apart once you separate the individual components. Here are some strategies you can use to address this.

Hire Experts
One of the ways that people sometimes try to save money on a move is by having their employees help disassemble furniture and get ready for the movers. This oftentimes ends up causing more harm than good. Having professionals step in to take care of this is oftentimes the best route. You will have to pay those professionals to come down to the office, of course, but the sheer amount of time and frustration they can save makes this a sensible investment in the vast majority of cases.

Sometimes, a professional moving company will have packers available who can help by coming into your office and getting everything ready for the movers. They may or may not have the expertise needed to disassemble large pieces of furniture. If they do not, consider hiring somebody with handyman skills to come down and handle this. It’s a lot better than turning loose an employee who has no idea what they’re doing with a screwdriver and asking them to take apart their own desk.

Some office furniture doesn’t need to be disassembled, but you should make sure that it’s unloaded. This means, for example, take all of the files out of your filing cabinets. Doing so generally renders them very light and easy to handle. You can put your files and other items into boxes, which also makes them easier to handle. The banker boxes sold at most office supply stores are the most sensible solution for this need. In fact, you may end up leaving many of those files in the boxes, if they’ve just been building up in the file drawers for a long time and don’t need to be accessed readily.

Ask the movers how they want your items arranged to speed up the whole process of loading the truck and getting out of your old office. They may ask you to have heavy items set aside so that they can handle those first or they may want to handle those last, depending upon the nature of the move. Professional movers will bring a lot of specialized skills and equipment to the game, but planning is always a big part of making a move as inexpensive and pain-free as possible. If you consult with the movers beforehand, they can give you a lot of information that’ll help them get their job done more quickly and more easily.

Some office furniture will not be able to be disassembled at all. Even if you’re standing there looking at a gigantic oak desk and you have no idea how the movers are going to get it down the stairs, you can rest assured that they will be able to do so. Because they do this all the time, whatever you have for them is likely not the biggest challenge that they’ve ever faced. Just make certain that they’re aware that there will be some big items involved in the move so that they come with the right equipment and enough personnel to handle it safely.

Sarah Brown is a writer for DBIndustries.com. DB Industries offer professional office moving and relocation services in the Washington D.C. and Northern Virginia area.

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