Discover The Hobby Of Meteorite Hunting

Discover Meteorite hunting as a hobby. This fun and rewarding new hobby is growing in popularity thanks to the television show Meteorite Men. Although it sounds like something straight out of a movie, locating meteorites from outer space right here on earth can be a reality. With just a little bittle of knowledge and the proper equipment you too can become a meteorite hunter! This fun and exciting hobby can provide you with some lucrative finds and lots of fun.

Across the United States and around the world, there are countless stories of individuals locating these fallen space rocks with common metal detectors. In fact, there are many “meteorite hunters” among us that go out looking for meteorites and actually find them. How exciting to be able to find something from outer space! And, for those who are looking to make some money? The sale of previously unearthed meteorites brings in more cash than the sales of gold and silver.

How does a metal detector find meteorites?

Good question. Meteorites are made up of different substances including minerals and rocks.

There are three known types of meteorites and they are:

  • Iron Meteorites: made up of two nickel-iron alloy metals known as Kamacite and Taenite.
  • Stone Meteorites: this is the largest group of meteorites.
  • Stony-Iron Meteorites: These are the least abundant of the three types. They are made up of almost equal amounts of nickel-iron and stone. These type contain silicate minerals. Some of the better known silicate minerals are Gold, Silver, Garnet, Zircon, Pranakite and Willemite.

Recently, a teenager decided to take his homemade metal detector out to see what he could find and he found one of the largest meteorites to date. He happened across a two-pound meteorite and many did not believe it was real. The boy and his parents brought the meteorite to the University of New Mexico’s Institute of Meteoritics. And, sure enough, this was a true meteorite!

Before running out to find the best meteorite metal detector for metal detecting meteorites be sure to do your research. It is not necessary to have to buy a metal detector for thousands of dollars. Meteorite hunting can be accomplished with the right metal detector. Take your time to research and find the best meteorite metal detectors.

So, what are you waiting for? The best meteorite hunting awaits. And those who are patient will find their rewards in good time. Finding things from outer space is exciting to us adults as well as kids! Do you research and reading online, it keeps those of us who love the rock and mineral world both educated and excited. Searching for precious minerals with metal detectors is not just a hobby it is a true passion.

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