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West Palm divorce lawyer is available to help couples that have disagreements over various issues in divorce. If you have kids and disagree about custody, the lawyers will help you with the legal battle. A Florida court decides how the spouses will share time with their kids.

For the benefit of both parties the perception that one parent can have custody of the child while the other cannot has been discouraged. In 2008, the concept of time sharing has been introduced so both parents can share time with their children. The time is awarded by the courts and the schedules are prepared by you and your lawyer.

Before coming to any decision, the courts want you to attend some parenting classes. Parents are taught about the changes their kids will be going through due to their divorce. After attending the class, you can submit your time-sharing plan to the court. The law wants to ensure you know where you stand with your kids and how to understand them better as they may go through behavioral changes.

The court will go through the time-sharing plan and then approve it. Judges in Florida are of the view that shared parental responsibility is ideal for your child. They want decisions regarding the life of the child, medical care, the choice of school/college, and training made mutually. These decisions do not control time sharing.

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Physical custody is different than shared parental responsibility. If the judge learns that joint custody of the child can be harmful to the child, it can award sole legal custody to one parent. In coming to a decision in legal battles over child custody the judge thinks in the best interest of the child. Many factors are part of the decisions. The judge first evaluates the moral fitness of both parents. Both mental and physical health is also kept in focus. Where the child can continue living in a normal way and for a longer period is preferable. For example, one spouse has a health condition and needs to visit the hospital for treatment often while the other spouse is perfectly healthy. In such a scenario the custody will be given to the healthy spouse. If the child is being taken care of by the mother and is more emotionally attached to her, she will likely be awarded custody of the child. The father will be awarded time to spend with the child as well.

During the custody proceedings, courts can appoint guardian ad litem who is a trained representative. Both parties can be ordered to take evaluations, so the findings can help with the decision-making process. The guardian protects the interests of the child throughout the divorce proceedings.
West Palm divorce lawyer helps couples with kids get a quick and easy divorce. The online website allows one to hire an attorney online and get all the work done with ease. There is no need to drive down to the brick-and-mortar offices to communicate the facts of the case. All you must do is fill a questionnaire to inform the lawyer about your current situation. The more information you share regarding your case the easier it is for the lawyers to prepare a winning case for you.

Filing for divorce is never easy, but the lawyers make it a breeze. Besides sharing the information, you will pay a small one-time fee online. West Palm divorce lawyer has the pre-approved forms to speed up the divorce process. Once the paperwork is completed and signed it must be filed. You will have to file the petition for dissolution of marriage at the circuit court nearest you. The law firms also offer filing services and if you want you can pay a small fee to get the papers filed in the circuit court.

When you hire an experienced West Palm divorce lawyer you can have peace of mind knowing all will go well. The more popular attorneys have their goodwill established in the circuit courts and can get you speedy and favorable results due to their well-established reputation.

Miller Law Associates has seven offices in the state of Florida to serve its growing clientele. The trial attorneys charge a small one-time fee so all in need of divorce can afford it. This helps people carry on with their lives. From the comfort of your home, you can get an uncontested divorce without kids for $399 or an uncontested divorce with kids for $799 or a contested divorce for $1199.

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