Do Cell Phones Pose Health Risks?

For many years there has been debate and controversy regarding possible health risks from cell phone use. There have been numerous discussion regarding the potential health hazards of the use of cell phones over an extended period of time. The issue is whether or not the electromagnetic radiation emitted from a cell phone can be dangerous or cause cancer. With a continuously increasing percentage of the population growing even more dependent on their cell phones, it’s important to examine the health risks that cell phones are posing to their users.

Cell phones give off a low-frequency form of radiation called radio frequency (RF). This is the same frequency transmitted from microwaves and AM/FM radio. The antenna on a cell phone is what provides the main source of RF. The threshold limit values for electromagnetic fields are based on fields above a certain power that can cause harmful heating of tissue.

The FDA claims that scientific evidence does not link cell phones to health problems.  Some studies found that that there were biological changes associated with RF energy. However, these results have failed to be replicated.

A Norwegian Expert Committee reviewed health hazards emitted from low-level electromagnetic fields such as mobile phones, mobile phone base stations and other communications equipment. After evaluation of a number of possible health effects, they reported no scientific evidence to support the claim that cell phones cause adverse health effects. Previous studies associating cancer and mobile phones focused on the risk of neck and brain cancer. However, there was no proof that using a cell phone can cause fast-growing tumors. Slow-growing tumors in people who have used cell phones for more than 20 years were evaluated but the studies showed no relationship between the two. Lastly, the study found that the radiation from cell phones does not cause electromagnetic hypersensitivity. The committee believes that “general caution” is sufficient since there are no doubts in the health risk assessment of the low-level electromagnetic fields. This means that you should only be exposed the electromagnetic fields to achieve the task at hand.

However, if you’re still concerned about the RF coming from your cell phone, here are a few tips to reduce your exposure: First, reduce the time spent talking on your cell phone or use a landline when possible. Second, use a hands-free device to create more distance between you and the phone. Third, buy a phone case for your phone, like a Pong case that claims to redirect RF away from the user.

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