Do you have nerves about your wedding photo album

It is that time of year again when the lover’s thoughts turn to honeymoons, and the mother of the bride’s focus is dominated by hats.

Picturing the most memorable day of your life requires planning the photographer and the album that will remain as a record of the magnificent event.

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On the day, barely noticed by the happy couple, the photographer moves between the bride to be, the groom and guests. Wielding a camera he or she seizes every opportune moment to produce a unique record of the memorable day, capturing for eternity, those moments that you never realized were occurring.

Preparation is everything

In choosing a wedding album theme, there is a lot to consider. Preparing for the big shoot can be as daunting as preparing for the big day, the transportation, the cake, and the Wedding Venue  but it need not be. With the ceremony over, and all having gone without a hitch, the focus now turns to capture the guests and lining them up to be shot (in a photographic sense of course!).

If you are searching for a wedding photographer, and you are looking for a natural feel and ambiance in the images of the day, you may want to consider a specialist for your wedding album. Yould will want to think about the location of the magic day and the lighting so perhaps trying a Gloucestershire Hotel Wedding Venue could be the ideal place for you.  The distinct flavor of the images will ensure that you have an original album that will become a treasured keepsake; one to be visited time and again.

In planning the perfect wedding photo album images, you might like to consider some of the more individual styles. A report in Bridal Guide magazine, comments on the 75 new must-have shots with your groom. The majority of the top images are perceived as contemporary with a vintage feel. But if sweetness is a little too much for your taste, why not try an alternative take on the more traditional photographs and styles.

Who said the dress had to last forever!

The most outrageous and adventurous couples might consider a Trash the dress series of images. This comprises a collection of photographs, which are guaranteed to raise a smile, long after the happy day.

According to the Daily Mail Online, there is a new trend that presents an answer to the inevitable question; just what to do with the wedding dress when the day is over? Soaking the dress, and the bride, under crashing waves, burning, or throwing paint over it, are just some of the ways in which the photographer might capture the unique images. This can create an amusing take, on kicking back and unwinding at the end of the day. The result is a creative collection of stylish and on-trend photographs. Not one for the faint hearted though.

There may be as many photo album concepts to choose from, as there are couples tying the knot; fine art, quirky, reportage, vintage, to name but a few. But just remember, whatever wedding photograph album theme you choose, don’t forget to smile, and say, Brie!

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