Do You Need A Pool Builder Or A Pool Services Company?

Adding a pool to your home creates a sanctuary where everyone in the family can enjoy warm-weather activities, but only if done correctly. A poorly designed and maintained pool lowers the value of the property and can increase monthly bills more than necessary. Before deciding that pool planning and maintenance is a DIY project, ask yourself if hiring a professional pool builder or services company might not be the better choice.

What Makes a Pool Builder the Expert?

Running a home pool can get expensive, but an expert can keep that dream affordable. Pool companies survey the space and geological features to tell you what style pool fits best and is the most cost-efficient to maintain. Sit down with a builder and discuss your budget options. From there, this expert will provide quotes on installation expense and give you an idea of maintenance costs.

A pool builder has access to all the latest technology in that industry. This means efficient filtering systems and longer lasting structures that require fewer repairs.

What does a Pool Service Company Do?

Pool services vary by service provider. Most offer chemical water maintenance, equipment repair and replacement plus some basic cleaning. Without proper treatments, the pool will develop an algae infection that can affect the water quality and can damage the surface of the pool. A pool service company will test and treat the water regularly to prevent problems that can shut the pool down.

In addition, many pool companies handle maintenance of the external features too. This means resurfacing the inside of the pool when necessary, fixing broken tiles and possibly even deck repair. The level of service depends on the care plan you select.

Hiring Local

When shopping for a pool builder and service company, look at local businesses first. Pool costs will vary based on:

  • geographic location and year-round climate needs
  • neighborhood lifestyle, such as affluent versus middle class
  • type of pool, such as simple versus complex design
  • types of service requested, such as cleaning, maintenance, or repair

For example, if living in a climate that is warm year-round, like Texas, you will find that Austin pool companies would not need to be concerned with cold-weather season-affected services as would a state like Massachusetts where Boston pool companies would need to provide services such as pool winterizing.

These professionals understand the intricacies of the local environment. They know how the distinctive weather patterns affect pool installation and care. A pool company should have proper certification and accreditation.

Ask Around For Recommendations
Talk to neighbors with pools and see what local company they use. Word of mouth recommendations tell you a lot about a professional service. Pool maintenance is an ongoing cost. Homeowners will quickly replace a pool company whose service is below standard.

If you are installing a new pool, ask about awards for design. Regional and national magazines love to feature local talent. Look for companies that have an award-winning reputation.

A pool is an investment that adds fun and value to your home. Taking the time to find the right company for installation and service will save the homeowner money and hassle.

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