Do You Need Climate And Humidity Control For Self-Storage Units?

When you’re storing various items, it’s often a good idea if you can find self-storage units that come with humidity and climate control. That’s because lots of items that are often placed into storage absolutely need climate control. This feature lets you set the temperature anywhere from 55 to 85 degrees F for extended periods, and you can make sure that the humidity level is consistent.

So do you need this feature? You do if you’re planning to store any of the following items:

Leather furniture. Leather requires climate control because it’s easily damaged by moisture. This can result in mildew and the leather can also suffer from discoloration. The problem gets worse in places like Montreal, where the temperature can change drastically depending on the season. It can reach 70 degrees F in July, while the temperature plummets to 16 degrees F in January.

  • Wooden furniture.These can be cabinets, tables, chairs, and bed frames, and the wood used for them can just degrade because of too much moisture in the air. The wood can rot, warp, or crack. For these items, you really need to maintain a low humidity level.
  • Electronic items.Many internal components of electronics don’t react too well to temperature extremes, and TV screens may also be damaged. For stereo components, humidity is also a problem that can reduce the quality of this type of equipment.
  • Household appliances.These things often have electronic components that require protection from too hot or too cold temperature. They have mechanical parts made of metal that can rust and crack. Mildew and mold can also grow inside the appliances with too much moisture in the air.

  • It’s a good to store these items outside your home, since they’re fire hazards. These include business documents, official paper records, or magazines and comics. When humidity levels get too high, your documents can fade or discolor so that they can end up useless and unreadable.
  • You may want to try to convert these things into digital, as photos require climate control to preserve them. When it gets too hot, photos that are stacked on top of one another may then deteriorate and blend together. You should put these photos in albums to make sure they get full protection.
  • You may want to store clothes for one season into your self-storage unit. That can include old wedding gowns that your daughter may one day use, to Halloween costumes that you only trot out once a year. You have to keep these fabrics dry with climate control, or else you’ll have problems with mildew and mold.
  • Artwork and supplies.To preserve paintings, the temperature must be set to within 70 to 75 degrees F, while the humidity should be about 50%. Craft fabrics are like clothes that also need protection from moisture. Sewing machines also need this feature because they have belts that can shrink or expand when the temperature goes to the extremes.
  • Musical instruments.Woodwinds are made of wood, so like wooden furniture you need climate control. The humidity level must be over 40% or else the wood will dry out and shrink. But the humidity can’t go beyond 55%, or the instrument pads will expand and swell. Brass can’t tolerate hot and humid environments. The strings in string instruments can snap with the wrong temperature, and the wood needs a temperature of 72 to 77 degrees F with humidity levels within 45% to 55%. Pianos also have to be protected from extremes in heat and humidity.
  • The wine must be in an environment that’s consistently cool, or else the taste will turn metallic.
  • High temperatures and humidity will damage your collection, as the stamps will curl and become sticky.
  • Without climate control, the coins may tarnish and lose their beauty and value.

This list just goes to show that in all probability, you will need climate control for your self-storage units. Protect your belongings by making sure that this feature is available before you move your things in.