Do You Need to See a Psychologist? Here are the Telltale Signs

Everyone goes through a rough patch from time to time. This is a normal part of life. However, while most struggles are short-lived, there are also times when we encounter problems that require help from professionals. Psychologists in Montreal have listed some signs that could mean you need to see a professional:

  1. You’re always distressed and it doesn’t seem to go away : If there’s a problem that’s causing distress and it persists for weeks or even months at a time, then it could mean that your symptoms need to be checked and evaluated by a professional.
  1. It’s impairing your ability to perform your tasks and responsibilities : Depression, stress and distress can significantly lower your productivity and may even interfere with your duties and responsibilities as a parent, spouse, friend, son/daughter, sibling, etc.

  1. Your coping strategies don’t seem to help : Do you try to cope with your condition by binge-eating or binge-drinking? Do you spend too much money buying things you don’t really need? Are you isolating yourself from others? You might have used these “coping” strategies before and they worked but if you find that they aren’t effective in helping you deal with your current situation, then it’s time to find real help.
  1. You notice it’s affecting other aspects of your life : You might be dealing with extreme stress in your workplace. But now you notice that it’s affecting your relationship with your spouse or children. You might no longer be enjoying the things you used to love doing before. If there’s a ripple effect, then you need to get help before it gets blown out of proposition.
  1. Friends and family are showing genuine concern for your well-being : Sometimes, when we’re under a lot of pressure and stress, we don’t really realize the effect that it triggers on our overall self. But people close to you will. They might be asking how you’re doing, or telling you don’t seem OK. If you’re getting feedback like this, you need to pause and assess your situation. Perhaps it’s time to seek help.
  1. Controlling your problems seem emotionally and physically draining : Some people use distractions to avoid their problems. They may change their behavior or even just put on a face to try to hide the issues they’re dealing with. If these attempts are sapping your energy and time, then they’re not really working for you. They’re only Band-Aid solutions that do little to improve your situation.

Possible Reasons for Seeing a Psychologist

As mentioned earlier, there are certain life events that will trigger a great amount of stress and anxiety in people. A death of a loved one can be a very difficult time for anyone and whether you are grieving openly or privately, the loss of someone dear to you can lead to lingering problems. Work-related stress can also fester and can make you feel anxious. If not addressed, it can result in social isolation and depression.

The feelings of worthlessness and helplessness (which are characteristic of depression) need to be dealt with as well. Depression can cause all sorts of mental and physical health problems.

Finally, if you have unfounded fears, it can also lead to significant health issues. You need to consult with an experienced psychologist so that you can overcome your fears instead of letting them control your life.

You don’t need a referral from a doctor to see a psychologist. You can call them up now to set an appointment. The sooner you take steps to regain control of your life, the better.