Does A Casual Dress Code Have A Positive Effect On Employee Productivity?

Structured dress codes are used in professional business environments all around the world. Some businesses require the same, exact attire every single day of the week. Others may follow a weekly system where the dress code alternates each day between business, professional and business casual attire. However, there is an increasing number of businesses that have implemented a day within their dress code policies where the employees can dress casually instead. Whether or not casual dress has a positive effect on employee productivity is an issue that has been debated over by experts and critics for many years.

The primary reason why this has been debated over for so long is because there is not just one definite answer – “Yes” or “No” – to this question. Casual dress code can have a positive effect on employee productivity if it is enforced systematically with a purpose and in moderation.

Casual Dress: A Great Reward or Occasional Change in Pace

Professional business environments are able to succeed because of the overall morale, image and productivity of their employees. Studies have proven that a person’s attitude, thoughts and behavior can easily change based on what they are wearing. For example, how do you feel when you are wearing a t-shirt, sweatpants and sneakers? Relaxed, comfortable, at ease and maybe even ready to find a nice place to lie down and go to sleep. This is also a great outfit for recreation, exercise and even going to a social gathering to hang out with friends.

On the other hand, how do you feel when you are wearing a 3-piece suit? Professional, respected, focused, determined and prepared to handle your business. This is why professional, business attire is preferred in a professional, business environment. Depending on the type of job or industry of the business, the business suit may be viewed as a uniform – just like with any other job that requires a uniform. Providing employees with a casual dress day as an occasional reward for their consistent productivity or even making it a once-a-week provision allows them to break out of the norm, feel slightly comfortable and more relaxed while still remaining focused on the job at hand.

Too Much of a Good Thing Is Bad

In a professional, business environment, casual dress should be offered only in moderation. Employee productivity will actually begin to suffer if it is allowed on a daily basis. The more relaxed you are at work, the more relaxed your work day will become. Studies have proven that the amount of focus and overall work ethic is much lower in a work environment that uses only casual dress in comparison to an environment that does not use it at all or only allows it once a week.

Employees may even start to abuse the privilege of casual dress if it is allowed every day to the point where the overall look and image of your company will suffer because of it. Imagine that you are the business owner in that scenario. You may have to even start sending employees home to change clothes, which takes time away from your company’s productivity. You may even have to suspend or terminate people because of their attire if the issue is not resolved, which would really cause the productivity level to drastically decline.

In conclusion, there are many benefits at using casual dress occasionally in a professional work environment. It can be used to reward employees or increase company morale, overall which will help to increase the productivity of your employees. However, moderation and a systematic approach to this modified dress code are essential factors that need to be taken into

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