Does Pennsylvania Think Your Car Is A Lemon?

Being saddled with a vehicle that you feel was purposely misrepresented before you bought it can be one of the most frustrating experiences; especially because you depend so much on transportation. It can be hard to disentangle the realities of this misrepresentation, which is why PA lemon law is such an essential guideline for figuring out your options.

How Can You Tell if your Car is a Lemon

Granted; it probably strikes you as somewhat arbitrary what qualifies as a lemon, given the range of conditions that a car can be in, and the many vagaries of legal liabilities. Generally speaking, for the state of Pennsylvania, you must have purchased the car (or leased it) for your own use or your family’s use, in order for the lemon laws exclusive to the state to be applicable. Additionally, lemon laws themselves vary widely from state-to-state; but since your particular concern is Pennsylvania, here are some representative guidelines for discerning whether your car qualifies:

  • First of all, the car you purchased must have been sent in for repair 3 times.  The first problem needs to occur within your first year of ownership, or after 12,000 miles of operation. The problem must be such that the safety, use or value is compromised.
  • If you send the car in for repair just once in the first year, yet you haven’t received it back within 30 days, then Pennsylvania’s lemon law has you covered.
  • In addition to having either purchased or leased the car in Pennsylvania, if you just registered it for the very first time and either of the above two conditions apply, and then you are covered by the law.

The last was a very important amendment for Pennsylvania vehicle owners who were experiencing serious nonconformities with automobiles they had bought recently. Now that PA lemon laws affect leased drivers , they are open to 20% more drivers than before Dealing with a Faulty Vehicle that Isn’t Legally a Lemon Sometimes, you can be saddled with a car that only shares some aspects with those required to be legally classified a lemon. However, just because your car doesn’t adhere strictly to the definition, doesn’t mean there isn’t help available – if the car has gone in 3 times for repairs during the time frame under which the warranty is guaranteed, Federal breach of warranty may be on your side. As such, you are potentially covered either by state law or federal law; and all it takes is a free case evaluation to tell you where you stand, and start the process of restitution.

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