Does The 2018 Acura MDX Give You A Good Ride

Derived from Acura’s supercar NSX the MDX as a three-row crossover does not only handle it better its size, it powertrain includes a hybrid version to work towards the environment conservation. The performance and drivability of 2018 Acura MDX gets better with it 290-hp generating V-6 engine model inn which you get optional torque-vectoring for all-wheel drive. Here is a glimpse of the abundant features you get loaded in all 2018 MDX models from Acura.

Does The 2018 Acura MDX Give You A Good Ride

What’s New for 2018?

As per a famous Acura dealer, the MDX for its 2018 version has got some changes done that was quite appreciated by its customers. The integration with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto are now made standard. Two new exterior colors, namely, the Basque Red Pearl II and San Marino Red are added to the color options.

The Powertrain

The 2018 Acura MDX has selected a 3.5-liter V-6 engine that can produce a 290-hp which is one of the best powerplants in the segment of three-row crossovers. For the customers this engine works much as a strong workhorse for the latest MDX especially when the nine-speed automatic transmission is connected to it. This duo makes the MDX run faster than before with no compromise on its fuel efficiency with the nine-speed transmission making the tires roll smoother though sometimes it might slow down during downshifts to prevent sudden acceleration.

The Super Handling All-Wheel Drive System

The Super Handling All-Wheel Drive from Acura is the best thing one can have while driving an Acura MDX. The system keeps evaluating the steering habits of the driver, the way he throttles and brakes, the vehicle behavior, and the trend of traction and based upon these inputs, it starts directing the torque to reach when it is badly required. While cruising, majority of the power gets directed towards the front wheels.


When it comes to braking, the 2018 Acura MDX stands ahead of the competition. Both the standard and the hybrid MDX stopped at 188 feet as the brakes were applied, and it is 22 feet longer than that of an Audi Q7 as recorded so far. This creates a huge difference when there is a near chance of collision or need of a sudden turn.

Overall Driving Experience

To round up the discussion we had with the experts of a used Acura dealership, it could be assumed that the 2018 Acura MDX runs undoubtfully quick, picking up the speed from zero to 60 mph in merely six seconds. The nine-speed automatic transmission is good enough to snap off in time and responded promptly when asked.

The Bottom Line

Acura made sure that the 2018 version of MDX brings more pleasure to drive. Acura’s thanks to the all-wheel-drive systems from the house of Acura that could breathe in more agility in the mechanism making the drives more engaging yet relaxing. As a three-row crossover the 2018 Acura MDX accelerates with an eagerness while the set of powertrains with the right kind of chassis assures a better-handling that is not that common among the other three-row crossovers we get to see in the market.

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