Doing Home Security Right

Did you know that in the United States a new burglary is taking place every 15 seconds? Did you know that the average amount of property stolen per burglary is close to $2,000?  Did you know that most of these home burglaries occur in broad daylight? And did you know that most burglaries could be much more easily guarded against with some simple techniques and procedures? 

No one wants to feel vulnerable in his or her own home. The peace of mind that proper home security brings is well worth the effort so take the time to be thorough.  Here is a small list of very practical, affordable and simple things to do in order to boost your home security.

Don’t leave notes. Notes posted on your door for the delivery guy, family members or neighbors just act as notifications to burglars that you aren’t around.

Think like a burglar. Lock yourself out and attempt to break into your own home. It’s the best way to identify weak spots.

Leave the lights on. If a burglar thinks someone is home they aren’t likely to break in. Setting lights on timers gives the appearance someone is in the home.

Check for credentials. Don’t let strangers into your home, for whatever reason, unless you have checked credentials and researched their company.

Lock your doors. It seems obvious but many people forget to leave all doors locked or neglect to lock doors if they’re only going to be out for a short time.

Change locks immediately. If your keys go missing, don’t wait to change out your locks. Take action right away.

Advertise Your Security System. It’s better to prevent burglaries than catch burglars after the fact and burglars will be much less likely to target your home if they know it is protected.

Get a dog. Dog’s bark at strangers and burglars hate noise. So there’s at least one reason to get a pet.

Keep windows and doors clear. Windows and doors are a burglar’s point of entrance so any tree, shrub or junk around these points just acts as a cover for them while they are breaking in.

Communicate with neighbors. Talk to your neighbors about suspicious activity. Even if you don’t have an officially organized neighborhood watch this can be one of the best safe guards against burglaries.

Light up the night. Motion activated lights in areas that are obscured will prevent easy access points for night burglaries.

None of these tips are especially difficult and most of them are free or extremely affordable. All that is required is a little more effort and a little more diligence. And considering we’re talking about the safety of your home that shouldn’t be asking too much. Be thorough so that you’re not sorry. A break-in will cost you more than just the dollar value of any items stolen—burglars also steal peace of mind and that is not so easily replaced.

David Glenn is a home improvement expert.  He occasionally freelance writes about DIY home improvement and home security. For great DIY security system gadgets be sure to check out Smart Home USA.

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