Don’t Forget The Basics When Redesigning An Office

If you take a look at office design you’ll find that most new offices these days are fully equipped with only the best, most versatile, office furniture. Futuristic-looking pieces can really give an office the wow factor, and can also add a sleek, modern look to just about any office space. But you don’t have to turn to futuristic looking furniture if you are about to redesign your office space – sometimes simplicity works equally as well.

If you are in charge of revamping your office space you’ll need to realise that the simple pieces of office furniture can be just as important as the futuristic pieces. You don’t need fancy shapes and funky colours to turn heads if you get the design right when you’re starting out. So, as well as those swanky boardroom tables and chairs, some simple tables which can be used for a multitude of purposes can work really well too.

Standard office tables can be used for just about any office purpose, from a desk, to a meeting table to a coffee table, to a table used for storing stationery or somewhere to sit your printer; it’s these tables which are the hub of the office space.  It’s the fact that these tables are so versatile that makes them so good. You can sit them together to make a lager working space and you can even stack or fold away some tables so that when you’ve finished using them they can be stored ready for the next time you need them.

Small office tables can work particularly well when you have a last minute meeting or need somewhere to sit the new starter or office trainee, they can also act as extensions of your existing desk giving you the extra space you need for your current project. It’s when you need that extra space at the last minute that these little office tables can really help out. And if you’re buying simple office tables don’t forget those simple office chairs too. Multifunction office chairs work really well if you’re sitting in the same spot all day. But if you need something a little more functional, basic office chairs are extremely versatile.

Although major showpieces of office furniture can make a statement and can show off your office as a cool, sleek place to work, it wouldn’t be the same without those small, trendy tables which we all know and love. So don’t forget the basics when you order your new office furniture, sometimes the understated things in life are the most important.

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