Don’t Go Blind On Your Window Blinds’ Maintenance Needs

These days, most contemporary homes make use of blinds to cover their windows since they are easier to work with compared to soft treatments like curtains and fabric panels. They are easy to install and they also lend a simple hint of charm to the space. Nevertheless, they provide better privacy to the room, not to mention aid in improving energy efficiency.

Although most window blinds are designed to withstand daily use, they can also show signs of wear and tear, especially if they are not properly cared for. So to make sure that you will be able to enjoy the service of your window blinds for a long time, here are some upkeep reminders that you should never put off.

Clean them up

No matter what type of blinds you have–vinyl, metal, fabric, wood or vertical–one of the most important things you can do to maintain their aesthetic quality is to clean them regularly.

Most types of blinds can do well with regular vacuuming using a brush attachment commonly used for draperies or dusted off with a feather duster or lamb’s-wool duster. While dusting, carefully vacuum across the slats (for horizontal blinds) or brush downward only (for vertical blinds), so as to prevent the slats from coming off the hook.

In some cases, blinds will require occasional deep cleaning to remove grime and dirt buildup. For instance, if you have wood blinds, simply use an oil soap or a mild wood cleaner on a damp cloth and wipe down the slats, especially the soiled areas. Never spray the cleaner directly onto the slats as it can damage the finish of the wood. Fabric blinds, on the other hand, can be taken to the dry cleaner to make them spic and span.

Metal and vinyl blinds demand a bit more effort when cleaning. For quick cleaning, mix a teaspoon of ammonia in a quart of water. Then, using a cloth, dip it into the solution and run it along each slat. When doing this, make sure to wear rubber gloves to protect your hands from the solution you made.

For deep cleaning, remove the blinds from the windows and hang them on a shower rod or clothesline or lay them in a tub. Then, wash each slat with warm soapy water or a solution of ammonia and water, and a clean cloth or sponge. Wash off with clean water and a new sponge and hang them on a covered spot outside to completely dry.

A word on operation

Window blinds are either chain or motor operated. In any case, it is important to ensure that you operate yours correctly to avoid unnecessary damage and for your blinds to last for the years to come.

If you have chain operated blinds, make sure to hold the chain at a perpendicular angle to the blinds when opening and closing them and avoid applying too much pressure on the chain. Also, make sure that there are no objects near the blinds that could jam the bottom rails.

As for motorized blinds, be sure to follow the instructions in the manual when operating them to prevent damage. If, however, a problem occurred and you’re not handy with tools, it will be best to have the issue taken care by a professional to ensure that the right repairs will be made.

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