Don’t Tell The Bride, But Wedding TV Shows Are Horrible!

Don’t Tell the Bride, Celebrity Wedding Planner, and Battle of the Brides are just three of the current deluge of wedding based ‘reality TV’ that we are being subjected to on what seems an almost nightly basis. Despite pulling in what are today considered healthy viewing figures, it is hard to look past them as being anything other than pointless dross. Some who defend them would say that they are ‘harmless,’ but surely if anything that just shows how far weddings have fallen in terms of how they are viewed by modern society.

Do It Yourself

One of the key cornerstones of most of these programmes is that the ‘contestants’ are set a budget by the producers and are left to get on with it. Watching someone who looks like he’d struggle to tie shoelaces work out how much a wedding dress should cost is painful. This is only exacerbated further when his oafish mate comes along and suggests that they should spend all of the money on a stag weekend getting drunk.

At regular intervals during the shows, people often complain that they aren’t getting their own way. This is a particular common feature of the celebrity-orientated themes, with people constantly saying ‘she won’t want that, he won’t like this, we don’t have enough time.’

There’s a simple solution, it’s called save up for your wedding yourself and ensure that you can have everything you want, instead of selling out for your five minutes of fame on some obscure TV channel and a Twitter hashtag in honour of your stupidity!

Keep it to Yourself

There are some things that people should really keep to themselves, and the desire for a tacky wedding is definitely one of them. Unfortunately, part of what makes them so tacky is the fact that the people participating think they are perfectly acceptable and would even label themselves as having a ‘classy’ affair.

There aren’t many people that we can think of that would want to be seen on television wearing a pink sparkly dress or having an ‘Essex’ themed wedding. In fact, forget the last part, they are probably all the rage.

Get Real

And why do none of these weddings feature much in the way of realism? Obviously the TV producers pick the people with the most outrageous ideas to pull in the ratings and soundbites, but is it too much to ask that they have a traditional celebration with photographs outside of the venue, and a fireworks display in the evening?

The real problem is that people watch this nonsense, and then go and plan their own wedding just the same! Heaven help us.

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