Drape Yourself In A Warm Air Curtain

If you have ever ventured out into the chilly weather to do a spot of winter shopping you may have visited some stores where it has felt like a real pleasure to be stepping over the threshold.

This pleasurable feeling has not been due to the plethora of bargain goods brightly displayed around the entrance door. Neither has it been due to the sales assistants, loitering around the shop floor to welcome you with broad smiles and a handy shopping basket. No, it has been the welcoming blast of warm air which has draped itself across your face and shoulders as you shiver forward, arms loaded with shopping bags.

You may be tempted to think that having warm air blasting out right next to an open door would be a huge waste of energy, but surprisingly this is not the case – in fact an air curtain over an open door can mean a significant energy saving can be made.

A curtain of warm air actually reduces the flow of cold air sweeping into a building through an open door, acting as a shield. At the same time the warm air inside the building is trapped and the heat is retained, this actually reduces heating costs because the building stays warmer for longer.

Many commercial premises make use of air curtains nowadays, banks, hospitals, theatres, kiosks, factories and warehouses and apart from the energy saving aspects, there are other benefits to air curtains.

Comfort for Staff and Customers
By retaining a constant comfortable temperature within your premises, staff situated immediately in the vicinity of the entrance door will be kept happy and in comfort and customers visiting your premises will appreciate the warm welcome.

Freedom of Access
If a customer is walking past a store with an open door, he is more likely to enter the premises, firstly because he will be welcomed by the warm blast of air but also the interior layout of the store and the goods within will be immediately visible and attract attention. The footfall for stores with an open door must surely be greater than for those with closed doors. Doors can create a psychological barrier.

Air curtains can be fitted anywhere within premises where the temperature differs significantly between one area and another so freedom of movement between areas is not compromised by a physical barrier such as a door.

For premises fitted with an air curtain, pollutants, dust, traffic fumes and even insects are kept safely outside the building.

Bringing comfort to all and saving energy – bring down the barriers and consider air curtains!

Thomas E. Denton writes articles on the psychology behind retail marketing. Here he writes on behalf of http://www.thermoscreens.com

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