Dyeing Your Hair: Is It Safe?

Hair dyeing today is no longer just about covering graying hair for the aging population. Today, most people, those who dye their hair, do so because of fashion trends and fads. And hair dyeing now is no longer a thing for the mature or the aging because even teenagers and children dye their hair for reasons above and beyond what used to be acceptable before.

There is now a growing concern about whether dyeing the hair is safe or not. A lot of people, mostly parents, are expressing apprehension because more and more young people are changing the color of their hair and there’s more – they change the color too frequently. Parents, specifically mothers, are questioning if it is safe since hair dyes are made of chemicals, and any chemical, used too frequently, is believed to have an ill effect on the user. So again the question: is it safe?

What Are Hair Dyes?

The original hair dyes used coal-tar dyes as its main ingredient. In the early years of its manufacturing, some people had allergic reactions and because of this, manufacturers began to look for other ingredients aside from coal-tar to develop a safer kind of hair dye. Today, most hair dyes are made from petroleum sources and they are known to be safer than the older hair dyes in the past.

Hair Dyes: Are They Safe to Use?

Sadly, there are conflicting reports on the subject matter, and people are left to themselves to decide which side to take or believe. Here’s a fact: there are some studies which suggests that there is a link between hair dyes and some cancers. These studies are saying that people who dye their hair have a higher risk of developing certain types of cancers. However, there are also other studies which refute this claim.

According to those who say that hair dyes actually causes certain types of cancers, the culprit are the chemical compounds found in the hair dyes which are carcinogenic. Through the years hair dye manufacturers have changed the chemical compounds in question but recent studies by some concerned groups have found that the newer compounds are still as harmful as those they replaced.

What Now?

Nobody wants to have cancer, and for this reason medical and health experts are cautioning people against dyeing their hair unless it is really necessary. There are also recommendations from these health experts which, when followed, may reduce the risk of developing cancer because of hair dye. Take extra precautions when you dye your hair by doing the following: Be sure to watch the clock when dyeing your hair. When the instruction says the dyeing process takes 30 minutes to complete, be sure to follow it. When the time is up, rinse your scalp thoroughly with running water. Do it until the water is clear. When you are dyeing your hair, always remember to wear protective gloves. Follow with exactness the directions found in the hair dye package, and avoid mixing different hair dye products because there might be chemical reactions that can cause more harm than good to you and your hair. Lastly, if there’s no need to dye your hair, better stay away from hair dyes. It’s always better to be safe than sorry.

This article is a guest post written by Siena Lombardi of Viamedic.com.

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