Earning Brand Trust Among The Hispanic Community

The Hispanic community has finally begun to capture the attention of many businesses. Their purchasing power and influence can be the next make it or break it point for companies that come from various industries, from food to healthcare. But how can these companies earn the trust of a people that has until recently mostly shopped within their own communities? The following points can help your brand establish trust among one of the fastest growing populations in the United States.

Join The Community
Appealing to Latinos really comes down to their heritage, their roots, and their cultural values. Every consumer, Latino or not, wants to feel like the companies they patronize “get them.” When they feel like you make products or services just for their needs, or in other words, tailored solutions for their problems, they are much more willing to pass on your company’s name, come back in the future, and support you throughout your various marketing efforts. To do that, your company must join the community, make their issues your company’s issues, and ask them to join the conversation in return. The Hispanic community has been searching for companies, brands, and even politicians who want to include them, not address them separately. Therefore, by learning about their cultural identity, you can find ways to incorporate messages that speak to all of your consumers, including Latinos.

Be Available
Latinos are some of the most social people on Earth, and this favorite pastime trickles down from family, to friends, to how they shop, invest, and embrace. They are a culture that has stuck together, valued each other’s opinions, and will always put their heritage before anything else. Essentially, the feeling of community is of the utmost importance to them. Even now, as the Hispanic community is advancing in the United States, working side-by-side with Caucasians and African Americans, they’ve still held on to the community that raised them. And with today’s technologies, staying in touch and spreading the word has become even easier for Latinos.

Social media presents the same opportunity to communicate and businesses can use this tool to join the conversation with their Hispanic consumers. Use Facebook to engage the Hispanic community about what kind of products or services they would like to see from your company, how you can better assist them, and offer a forum for them to share their own stories. Ask questions, answer theirs, and keep them interested with posts, updates, and tweets they can relate to and would be willing to share. Chances are you’re already communicating with your non-Hispanic consumers on Facebook and Twitter, and now it’s time to include Latinos in the conversation. Include your business in Latino-run groups on Facebook and Hispanic-centric communities on Google+. Furthermore, tack on hashtags that are popular and trending around the Hispanic community. Your company will begin to stand out as the brand that cares, the brand that’s available, and the brand that is not only willing to join the conversation, but also to listen.

Apologize For Mistakes
Presenting your company to an entirely new demographic, while including your old ones can be a tricky enterprise. Everything from language barriers to cultural differences can pose a potential threat to your marketing efforts, not to mention you always run a potential risk of offending your new target audience. And no matter how much research you do and how many cultural consultants you hire, your company will never be able to please everyone. However, this doesn’t have to send your company packing. Like all consumers, the Hispanic community will always appreciate a brand with a certain amount of transparency and honesty. When your company makes a mistake, explain, propose a solution, and most importantly, apologize. While this might be scary for many businesses, especially for those that rather keep their mistakes under wraps and sweep any negative press under the rug, you can be doing more harm than good by keeping your consumers in the dark.

A few years ago, Netflix decided to raise its prices and leak the news to the press before ever addressing their customers. They received a huge backlash from both the media and their customers, and not to mention, they saw a huge drop in their subscriptions. While they were able to apologize and eventually come out on top, they lost a lot of brand trust, customers, and respect. Don’t let this same thing happen to your business! Be transparent, own up to your mistakes, and the Hispanic community will appreciate you all the more.

Companies can no longer ignore the Hispanic community, whose influence and buying power are finally making a mark in the United States. By appealing to their cultural values and earning their trust, your brand can establish itself as a reliable company that is invested in the Hispanic community. In return, the Hispanic community won’t hesitate to invest in your business.

Pete Wise is a Copywriter working for Luminar Insights is the premiere source of latino analytics and a reliable source of hispanic data to take your marketing campaign to the next level.

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