Easy Ways To Conserve Gas While Driving:

If you don’t drive a fuel-efficient vehicle and you can’t afford to buy one at this time in order to upgrade your ride to a more eco-friendly car, don’t worry, because there are ways to conserve gas while you are driving, no matter what make, year, or model your car is. Just following a few simple tips every day will allow your car to run more efficiently, without burning excess gas that will cost you more money in the long run.

To save money at the pump and be more eco-friendly as you drive to wherever it is that you need to go, here are some tips that anyone can implement in their daily routine.

Roll Along in Traffic
If you are in a traffic jam, avoid hitting the gas abruptly to move forward just a few yards before needing to brake again. Instead, while maintaining a healthy distance from the car in front of you, do as big trucks do and simply roll along by releasing your foot from the brake. In this way, you will not be using up excess gas as you hit the accelerator only to hit the brake right away all over again. This will maintain your car in a constant gear, without the need to shift as often.

Don’t Drive Aggressively
You should curb your road rage for many reasons, particularly the safety of yourself and others on the road, but if you need yet another reason to maintain a calm attitude while on the road, consider the fact that you will conserve more fuel, and money, by doing so. When coming out of a stop, accelerate moderately as opposed to abruptly, so that the gears can gradually shift upward to where they need to be and so that you do not put extra strain on the engine, which can lead to consuming more gas. Avoid tailgating as well to prevent unnecessary sudden stops if the traffic in front of you decides to slow down.

Stick to the Right Speeds
The best speeds at which you get the most fuel economy lie between 45 and 60 miles per hour. Any speed above 60 mph will lead to greater fuel consumption. So avoid speeding to conserve gas and to avoid getting a ticket from a police officer.

Keep Your Car Light
Avoid putting too many things into your car, and if you have packages and other belongings in your trunk, make sure you take them out instead of leaving them in there. Too much extra weight on the car will lead to poorer fuel economy and you will be filling up more often than you would like. Even if you have a lot of lightweight objects in the car, they can easily add up to quite a few extra pounds that weigh down your vehicle and cause it to have to use more power to get going.

Maintain Your Air Filter
A clean air filter allows an ample amount of air to flow into the engine, enhancing its performance while saving gas.

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