Easy Ways To Get In Shape 2013

It’s almost upon us: the end of the year. That means two things. One, your bank account is a little bruised. And two, you will overindulge a bit in festive not-so-healthy desserts and food. Of course this leads to the common New Year’s Resolution to, you guessed it, lose weight.

The Wrong Way

People usually start off strong at the beginning of the year. Some things people do rashly without fully thinking it through:

  • Dump out all junk food in the house
  • Swear off fast food forever
  • Buy expensive un-tested exercise equipment
  • Sign up for expensive celebrity endorsed gym memberships
  • Buy a cookbook for “Healthy Eating”
  • Consider Vegetarian Lifestyle
  • Seriously contemplate the payment plan for liposuction or other surgery
  • Look into Diet Pills that promise miracles at the risk of death

Yet all these things shortly come to an end around March when you’ve binged because you didn’t have any snacks, the exercise equipment is too clumsy, the gym is too far from home, you can’t cook anything from the cookbooks and you’re scared of anesthesia.

Healthy Ways to Get Fit

So instead of going crazy this year on fad diets and using the momentum of the New Year to light the fuse, consider a few of the following ideas to add to your routine and finally see some results.

When it comes to eating better, you don’t have to go crazy cayenne-pepper-and-water-only diet. Simply take the new year to make some logical changes.  No they aren’t crazy and drastic, but that is exactly why they are smart and you will stick with them longer.

  • Substitute normal for low-fat, fat-free or lite: These make HUGE changes little by little. If you must dip your veggies in something, a fat-free dip is the perfect companion. Those calories add up!
  • Purchase sugar-free or low-calorie snacks: if you go cold turkey on all snack foods you’ll end up binging. Whereas if you just make better choices you can indulge without the weight.
  • Carbonated flavored water instead of soda: What goes better with popcorn or pizza? But the sodium and sugar content is astounding! Not to mention caffeine isn’t your friend and if you are fond of the dark sodas, they aren’t friends to your teeth either. Yet some of us can’t give up the carbonation. If this is you, opt for flavored carbonated water for the same treat but no calories, sugar or sodium!
  • Add one vegetable at every meal: It seems so easy yet many of us forget to do this. Yet just by adding one vegetable to every meal, you’re getting at least 3 vegetables a day, which meets the daily requirements.
  • Limit Junk Food:  As I said before, quitting cold turkey isn’t wise. Start slow and work your way up to going off sugar or making snacks a rare occasion. Instead of an entire bag of chips during your favorite soap opera, pour some in a zip-lock bag and eat that. Maybe only have 2 days a week you can have a snack. Or limit how many calories each day you can spend on a treat. So 100 calories a day is yours to spend.
  • Fruit for sugar: Fruit as many of us know is full of sugar.  Not the refined processed sugar in your Twinkies but the kind your body needs. It also can fulfill your sweet tooth’s needs. If you replace each snack with a piece of fruit, you’ll easily meet the daily requirements, increase your nutrients and feel better to boot!
  • Work out: You thought I had completely wiped this one off the board didn’t you? Wrong. No one can get fit without working out. But be realistic. If you live in Murray Utah, find a gym in Murray Utah to work out at. Don’t drive across town, get one that Schwarzenegger uses, or has the fanciest equipment. Just find one close to home with the basics and an affordable membership package. Workout when you can, set a schedule, and just go.

Slow and Steady … You Know the Rest

You might not see pounds of unloved fat falling off, but these changes will not only bring about slow healthy change but affect your overall health, not just your image. Take it slow, don’t do it only because it’s the New Year, and be realistic. Good luck!

By Shelby Morrison

Shelby Morrison has been writing for seven years in various categories. She specializes currently in articles and novel writing, passionately yearning to write full-time.  She enjoys writing about anything that allows her to research and learn including writing about acrylic painting to dog beds. She is always looking for a challenge and is currently going to school for copy-editing so she can lend her editing skills as well.

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