Eat Better On Budget

If your husband and kids would rather feast on potato chips and cookies than fresh fruit and granola, you’re not alone.  However, that doesn’t mean you have to sit around and watch them eat like pigs!

Instead, you can get your entire family to start eating better (without spending a ton of money!) by taking advantage of these tips:

1.  Take a dip
If the thought of raw vegetables has your kids screaming in terror, add some dip into the mix.  A container of dip is only a couple of dollars.  Or, if you’re willing to spend a couple more bucks, you can pump up the health with hummus.  If you want, you can skip the pre-packaged dips altogether and make your own from scratch, with a yogurt base.

No matter which one you choose, you’ll be able to convince your kids that carrot and celery sticks really are a tasty snack!

2.  Make it a family affair
If the entire family gets involved with the cooking process, it can so much fun that you actually forget that it’s good for you!  Why not let Mom and Dad do the tough stuff (like use the oven and the stove), while the kiddos stir things and help get spices out of the cabinet.  In fact, why not start by getting everyone together so that you can look at recipes and plan a menu together?

By getting everyone to pitch in, you get to experience some great family time — and, as an added benefit, it’s much cheaper and healthier than going out to a restaurant!

3.  Think of fast options
If you associate eating right with spending a ton of time in the kitchen, you’ll never stick to it!  Luckily, eating healthy doesn’t have to take a ton of time.

Have some apple slices for a snack, some pita chips and hummus as an appetizer, or some low-fat yogurt for dessert.  The most time you’ll have to spend preparing any of them is opening up a package or cutting up an apple.  Plus, they’re all cheap!

4.  Have a splurge day
People are more likely to stick to something if they get a reward.  In this case, that means devoting one meal to “cheating”.

Your splurge doesn’t have to be expensive.  In fact, something as cheap and easy as getting a pizza delivered can be the perfect reward for 6 days of great eating.  You can even keep it semi-healthy by opting for healthier toppings — like vegetables and grilled chicken.

Above all else, be creative.  The more fun you and your family have eating healthy foods, the more inclined you’ll all be to stick with it!  And remember that these days you can always order food that is healthy and nutritious.

Nicole Beckett is a former journalist who is passionate about lifestyle, with a wide set of interests ranging from parenting and home economics, to fashion, travel, and urban life – Nicole achieves getting the positive out of situations, and believes that you can order food to save money and keepy healthy.

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