Edwardian Glamour… Can It Work In Your Wardrobe?

I like to think I’m pretty open-minded when it comes to fashion and I’m always willing to try new things or embrace fresh trends. Printed trousers – tick. Studded trousers – tick. I even wrapped my hair up in a turban for a while because Vogue told me to. But I have to admit even I was a little surprised to learn that Edwardian glamour is the latest top trend.

What springs to mind when you think of Edwardian clothes? For me, it’s long dresses, layer-upon-layer of underskirt, uncomfortable whale-bone corsets and plenty of bows, ribbons and lace. It’s a very straight-laced, conservative look and not something I’d think would work well in my current wardrobe.

But apparently, Edwardian glamour is on trend and designers such as Louis Vuitton, Gucci, Emporio Armani, Alice Temperley and Burberry celebrated the look on the catwalk. But the question is, what sort of garments should you be looking out for and how can you work them into your wardrobe?

One of the easiest ways to work this look is to take inspiration from Marc Jacobs and Giles. Choose maxi or midi length dresses and wear them over a crisp white shirt that is buttoned up right under your chin. The dress should have a bit of shape to it and nip you in at the waist – think structured rather than floaty. You can add a belt if you want to draw your waist in further and add extra shape.

In terms of colours and materials, you need to imagine you’re an upper class, Edwardian lady of leisure. Look for thick, luxurious fabrics such as jacquard if you can find it, while deeper, dark colours such as navy blue, burgundy, olive green and deep purples are perfect. Fleur de lays is the pattern to hunt for.

Make this look work for the office with a pair of high heels and a leather jacket. It’s smart but with that Edwardian twist you’re looking for.

Admittedly, women in Edwardian times wouldn’t have worn trousers, but you can still channel the look if you prefer to cover up your legs rather than wearing skirts. Go for straight black trousers and team them with a crisp shirt with a high collar that is buttoned up to the top. Add a brooch to the centre of the collar for a finishing touch and throw a blazer over the top to complete the androgynous look.

If the clothing seems a bit full on, work the Edwardian look with your shoes. Fendi sent its models down the catwalk in two-tone ankle boots, the bottom half of which was shiny black leather that made way for an olive green material upper decorated with a row of black stud buttons. These kind of two-tone shoes with either a long row of buttons or laces capture the look perfectly.

That’s right, the chokers you though had been banished to the 90s are back. Avoid those little velvet ribbons with a silver charm dangling from them and instead, look out for a wider band with a large, statement jewel or flower shape that will sit in the centre of your neck.

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