Elderly Travel Advice – Enjoying Your Retirement Years

One of the best things about being retired is the amount of free time you have to pursue your interests and hobbies. If you have enjoyed travelling in your youth, it is likely that seeing some more of the world will be part of your plans during your retirement. And why not?

Being able to book holidays and trips without having to rely on schools holiday schedules or work rotas means retired people are, in general, able to secure the best deals for the most sought after destinations.

Retirement doesn’t mean you need to stay at home.
Being retired does not necessarily mean that you have lost the desire to travel to exotic places. However, for most people beyond a certain age travelling with some degree of comfort will be high on the agendum. The first thing to do, when considering a trip, is to research the best accommodation options for you and your party, before you leave.

If you want to explore the Mediterranean Sea, for instance, there are plenty of tourist resorts that will be suitable. However, few people of retirement age will want to select a resort that is noisy, brash and inhabited by teenagers. It is always worth checking online, or with a tour operator, if there is a resort that has enough to keep you occupied, but that won’t keep you up all night with booming music. Always check images of the room of your hotel before booking.

Once you have established the sort of place you want to stay in, it is time to make your travel arrangements. Don’t stick to the package holiday format that most holidaymakers choose. After all, being retired gives you flexibility. You might want to spend a few nights in one place then move on to explore another area. Figure out whether public transport is an option that will work for you, particularly to get you from the airport to your accommodation.

If you have additional travel needs, for instance mobility impairment, then car hire may be more suited to you. A good tip is to ask your accommodation provider to recommend a local car hire firm, as these can be a bit cheaper than the operators who ply their trade from the airport. A brief internet search in the locality will elicit the onward transport options. It is worth doing this before you depart.

Try somewhere newDon’t get stuck in a rut. Head somewhere that you have never been before. If you choose to spend your retirement in exotic places, check the latest advice from the Foreign Office which will give you a heads up on any problems. Always travel with some form of insurance. Retired folk get great deals on travel insurance, so shop around.

Travelling alone
If you are on your own, a good way of enjoying a sociable holiday is to do so as part of a group. Organised tours and cruises make for an ideal way of meeting new people and making friends, retired or not. Lots of retired people take up volunteering holidays abroad nowadays. There are many organisations that will be eager to use a lifetime of skills in a development or teaching project, for instance.

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Colin McDonald writes on behalf of Mobility Aids Experts – Collins Care

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