Employing Social Media To Become Employed

It is no secret that finding a well-paying and satisfying job in this current economic climate is no easy task. It has always been a fundamental truth that finding that perfect job is hardly easy, but with the advent of social media as a potential recruitment and employment platform these opportunities may not be as far away as you had initially thought. Let us forget about the traditional methodology of “beating the streets” for a moment and briefly examine the benefits that the main social media circles have to offer.


This networking site represents one of the most popular places for people to reconnect, to post opinions or simply share a joke or two. However, the power of Facebook in the realm of job hunting cannot be understated. What is important to realise is that this website enables you to personally connect with a multitude of valuable individuals through your existing friends. Your profile is only as powerful as those in your personal circle, so try to connect with anyone who may offer the greatest amount of help. Simply by publicly posting you are seeking a job may lead you to that life-changing connection.


Although Twitter has existed for a number of years, this website has now taken centre stage in many public arenas. There are those that believe that Twitter opinions may even influence the outcomes of major elections in the future. This highlights the sheer volume of individuals actively engaged on the site. Twitter may represent a bit of a “broadsword” approach when job hunting, so it is advisable to narrow your target audience down a bit before actively pursuing any employment possibilities. However, with the brevity of the posts, much of the social “fluff” can be taken out and this can be a pragmatist’s dream should he or she know exactly what job they are searching for.


This relatively new platform has been viewed by many as the hottest trending site for 2013. This is partially due to the visual nature of how people present themselves. By creating a job search “pinboard” you can emphasise those traits which you would like others to see. By adding photos, videos and blogs and connecting to the right companies, your resume may become surprisingly eye-catching and lead you to finding jobs you never knew existed. As pinterest shuns too much self aggrandising, be careful how you present yourself. There is a difference between pride and egotism.


Many people use Google+ as a virtual “hub” to link their other social media sites together. The ease at which you can create a profile and connect with other like-minded individuals or companies by using the “circles” feature can allow you to broaden your social horizons and you will find many kindred spirits in the “clubs” section as well. As this is a relatively new player to the game, use Google+ as a portal to your other sites.


Linkedin may arguably be the most efficient way to search for new jobs. This site focuses on recruitment and company connections and it is a must-have for anyone seriously searching for a job. In fact, millions can already attest to the networking capability of this site and as it is essentially an employment-oriented platform, it makes sense to market yourself and increase your exposure as much as possible.

These five websites represent the upper echelon of social networking platforms. As they are all free to join there is no reason not to exploit both the exposure and the connectivity these tools can offer. In truth, that dream job may be only a click away!

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Ross Davies works for Lebreton Recruitment and is finding more and more job searches and networking done with the aid of social media than ever before.

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