Energizing The Workplace – Barry LaBov Inspires Productivity

In today’s economy, many people are taking their futures into their own hands and going into business for themselves. Some of these individuals find themselves quickly adapting to their new environment and manage very nicely when building their companies. For others, however, this is uncharted territory, and they often find themselves needing a little assistance.

Barry LaBov, of LaBov & Beyond, understands how frustrating and confusing it can be for new or even established businesses when navigating the ever-evolving business world. Offering insight in his blog, Barry explains how any business can benefit from having an outsider come in and examine the workplace. Too often, individuals working within their own business fail to see areas that can be improved. The team at LaBov & Beyond are able to determine the direction that a business needs to take in order to make a strong impression in today’s marketplace.

In order to succeed, businesses need to be productive. The best way to make certain of productivity is to keep the energy level in a business as high as possible. Energy is generated when creativity is combined with a workplace where thinking outside of the box is encouraged. When a company finds itself no longer willing to take on new challenges or examine new directions, it soon finds itself falling further and further behind in the marketplace.

In a recent Barry LaBov blog post, Barry discussed that great energy equaled great performances. When businesses find their energy levels dropping, their performances drop, as well. How can a business have “energy?” Simple — think about Microsoft. At one time, Microsoft was a creative dynamo with what seemed to be a limitless supply of energy. However, as time has passed, Microsoft’s “energy” has plummeted. Sluggish sales of both Windows 8 and the Microsoft Surface can be directly attributed to Microsoft losing the energy that it once possessed. When Microsoft started to rest on its laurels, Apple came along and quickly took the lead.

If a company finds itself in a position where it seems to be losing some of the momentum that it once possessed, it might be time to have an outside team come in and provide some insight into ways to recapture the energy. In his blog, Barry points out that having someone come in and offer some new ideas is enough to re-energize a company.

Joan Price is a freelance writer who hopes to inspire business owners into success. Follow her on Twitter @JoanniePrice.

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