Entertainment Capital Of The World- New York Vs. Las Vegas

Having been to both Las Vegas on the West Coast of the US or New York on the East Coast I am often asked which is the best place to go with regards things to do and entertainment. This post aims to discuss both cities and which truly is the entertainment capital of the world.

Las Vegas
Las Vegas for me is one the best places on the planet with a wide range of things to do and see almost every day of the year. Whilst the Sin City is famous for casinos and gambling the entertainment in this place is one of the best in the world.

As a boxing fan I think there is no place on earth like going to see a World Title fight in Las Vegas at one of the main arenas/casinos. The biggest fights in the world are currently held in Las Vegas and this is no surprise with the venues, setting and environment perfect fitting. The fact that hotels are cheap in Las Vegas means that people can come for a vacation and see some amazing entertainment at affordable prices.

Some of the best singers in the world are able to perform on the Las Vegas strip and sell out arenas for months on end. Take Celine Dion for example who performs at a Casino 4,5,6 times a week for several years at a time. Britney Spears has reportedly been offered over 100million dollars to reside at one the casinos for 12 months and play to the thousand of tourists most days of the week. Could this sort of entertainment happen in New York? I doubt this very much.

As with other major cities around the world Las Vegas plays host to the best entertainment shows around, any major artist going on a world tour will almost certainly play in Las Vegas. So add the boxing, special residents, and the fact that it has all the normal entertainment that any outstanding city offers the Las Vegas truly is one of the best entertainment cities in the world.

New York
New York is truly a place that every person must visit at least once in his or her lifetime, preferably in summertime when the place truly is magical. I have been around the world and New York City stands out from the crowd on so many levels. The cultural diversity, the buzz and the fact that there are things to do every day of the week make this place truly special.

Whilst the hotel accomodation is more expensive than Las Vegas, NYC still offers a wide range of places to stay and all within reach of the good transport connections that the city offers.
As with Las Vegas and other great cities, the entertainment in New York is special with all the best artists and groups playing here. One thing that New York has to offer different from Las Vegas is the famous Broadway theatre capital of the world. All the major shows and theatre productions from around the world are brought to Broadway and normally stay here for several years.

And the winner is 

Based on traveling to both fantastic cities on different occasions at the same times of year I would have to say that for me New York City truly wins this battle of entertainment cities. Whether you want to see a Broadway theatre show or see some sport with the New York Knicks then this city has it all. Las Vegas is definitely a close second though but New York has everything this city has to offer and plus some.

Written by Adam Beaumont, SEO Specialist and creator of TicketYoda.com – US Ticket price search engine.

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