Error Gives eBay Store Owners 2,500 Free Listings

A recent eBay promotional email intended to double the number of free listings that store owners would be allowed to utilise during the month of August instead directed recipients to a page giving them an additional 2,500 free listings, regardless of which tier of membership the store owner had subscribed to.

Error Gives eBay Store Owners 2,500 Free Listings

The promotion was supposed to offer 150 free fixed-price listings to basic store owners, 500 free listings to premium store owners, and 2,500 free listings to anchor store owners. These store owners are also being given 100 free auction-style listings, although these are restricted to the collectibles categories.

Take Advantage of the Offer Now

The company has confirmed that it plans to honour the mistake, which was first flagged up on the Canadian eBay community, for sellers who have already taken advantage of the offer or who plan to do so imminently. The offer ends on 31st August.

This is not the first time that eBay has made a mistake with promos and coupons. The company has a fairly good reputation for handling such issues in a fair manner, however, and in this case there has been a rush of sellers updating their eBay store design and listing as many fixed-price items as they can in the hope of cashing in. Since ongoing listings are included in the offer, this could save many sellers a lot of money.

Invitation Only

The offer is by invitation only; therefore, sellers who did not receive an email will not be able to take advantage. If you did receive an email and you are on the fence about building your store, you have a limited window of opportunity in which to get started. Now is a good time to contact Frooition an agency who can create eBay template designs and put together an attractive store for you and an enhanced buying experience for your customers.

Selling on eBay can be difficult, as the marketplace is saturated with people looking to move high volumes of products at fine margins. If you can find the right niche, however, there are opportunities to turn a profit. Free listings periods are a great time to try new products and experiment with new listing formats to figure out what works for your target audience.

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