Essential Components Of Modern Weddings

While weddings are always memorable for the people who are getting married, there is a lot of work that needs to go into them in order to create the same experience for guests.  You’re probably thinking what does it matter what the guests think, and you wouldn’t be alone in doing so. That said, there are millions of people around the world who spend the lead up to their big day worrying about what their guests will make of the occasion.

With that in mind, we looked at the essential components of modern weddings that are sure to impress guests, and most importantly, provide a memorable day for the bride and groom.

Stylish Themes

Gone are the days when a wedding could get away with just being a church and a function room in a club or a hotel. Today, weddings are widely expected to have a theme, which could range from Star Wars with everyone dressed up as characters, to something a little less over the top such as using vintage décor and having an old school tea party affair.

The key to such themes is, of course, getting all of the guests to get involved themselves. If you go for something such as Star Wars, you need to ensure that people will actually follow the invite and turn up as storm troopers, for example. For this reason, vintage or colour themes might be your best bet, especially if you have a lot of self-aware friends and family members!

Fireworks Demonstrations

A wedding isn’t a wedding in the 21st Century without having a fireworks display. With professional displays being more exciting and innovative than ever before as firework technology develops and becomes more daring, they are a perfect way to end your evening, and will provide your guests with one final ‘wow’ moment.

There is just something very peaceful and tranquil about getting lost in a fireworks display while sipping champagne.

Old Venues

Modern weddings are moving back towards traditional venues, such as stately homes and castles. For many years, trends have seen more and more weddings taking place in modern venues such as hotels and football stadiums. However, people are realising that these lack the charm and beauty of many historical buildings, which are also usually set in gorgeous surroundings, with countryside everywhere rather than a city centre!

While your focus for your wedding day will undoubtedly be on yourself, use these tips to help your planning should you want to ensure that your guests have a once in a lifetime experience, too.

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