Essential Information About Air Conditioning Systems

If you have an air conditioning unit installed to your home or business, it is important that you know exactly how to care for it. If you do not look after the system properly then you may create further problems for yourself. Replacing or fixing an air conditioning unit can be an expensive job, so to save yourself the trouble of having to pay for replacements or repairs, look after your conditioning unit properly.


It is important that you clean or replace your filters on a regular basis; if you just ignore your filters then your air conditioning unit won’t be as efficient as it can be. You should either replace your filters every month when you are using the system regularly or look out for the filters minimum efficiency reporting value (if you have a digital conditioning unit) the reporting value will be in between 1-12, the higher the number is the better the filtration is.


If you have a leak in your air conditioning unit, then you can be losing up to 30% of the airflow. This will mean that your air conditioning unit will be working harder than ever and you will be losing up to a third of the air flow. If you want to check if you have a leak, you can light an incense stick, you should place the stick where the unit and the window frame meet (for window units) if any of the smoke blows around, this means you have a leak. For central units you should place the stick near duct connections.

If you do have a leak then you can use foil tape to cover up any small gaps you may have. If you have quite a large gap or unit, you should put foam in the gaps and then tape this up.

Air Flow

If you want to keep your air conditioning unit on, then it is important that you allow a steady air flow to get to the unit. You should keep interior doors open a little so that the system does not go out of balance. If you shut all your interior doors, you will be reducing the amount of air that can go into the conditioning system.


Just like any other electrical device in your home or business, it is essential that you get your air conditioning system maintained. If you are not sure how to maintain your home or commerce air conditioning system, you should speak to a engineer who will come out and complete the maintenance for you.

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