Event Catering Trends For 2017

Making predictions on what lies ahead of us has gained popularity through the years, and event catering trends are not an exception. Catering services provide great help to event coordinators and planners since they offer full packages that will lessen the weight of the event organizers’ job.

Event Catering Trends For 2017

With the perfect caterer, any event will be an unforgettable experience for the visitors and the hosts as well. In this article, we will explore the catering trends that will shape 2017.

Grab and Go Dishes

In events and gatherings, one of the main goals of your guest is to mingle and interact with other people. So, giving them grab and go dishes will make them enjoy the foods served, and at the same time, socialize with acquaintances and reconnect with an old friend. Finger foods and bite size dishes will be the best option to serve at events as they are easy to carry and easy to eat as well.

Healthy Foods on the Menu

Comfort foods can be consumed without feeling guilty at all, so prepare and include clean and healthy dishes for everyone. This is because people are becoming health-conscious and some are opting for the vegetarian lifestyle. Thus, by providing a variety of healthy meals, you will cater not just the needs of some but might also persuade people to be mindful of their health without compromising the quality of what they eat.

Destination-Specific Food and drinks

Your guests may come from different states or countries, and would love to experience the local cuisines of the place where the event is being held. So, designing destination-specific foods and drinks will be more appealing this year. With this, you’ll not only share the local culture with your guests but will also allow them to experience what it is to feel at home. Moreover, you will also be allowing the local suppliers flaunt their local produce with pride.

Vibrant Food Items

Having vibrant dishes served in one’s plate is a huge trend this 2017. The best part about these food items is that they are not only attractive to the eyes but are also appealing to the stomach! Vegetables such as cauliflower, carrots, cabbages, radishes, beets and potatoes will make your display more vibrant and inviting for your guests.

Street-Food Inspired Dishes

There are also other people who love to experiment on their food and try international cuisines that are new to their taste. That is why this year, expect that more street-food inspired dishes will be served in your events. It’s a perfect way to experience the culture of the places across the globe all at the same time.

This coming year, these different catering trends will be prominently seen in the event industry. Our company will gladly embrace these emerging changes as we see fit and we’ll make sure that your next event will be even more successful and memorable.

Written by bleu events, one of the top caterers Columbia, MO has to offer.