Everything You Need To Know About IT Equipment Rental

As with any business presentation, you want to make sure that all your ducks are in a row, and you have everything ready before your presentation. Instead of spending hundreds on buying a projector or a printer, whatever you require to host a successful presentation, why not rather hire a projector or printer?

Once you have made the decision of wanting to rather rent equipment, there are a few terms, or jargon even, that you should familiarize yourself with, making your hiring experience a smooth and easy one.

When it comes to projector rental:

Screen Resolution
Resolution is the term which refers to the amount of light points projected to the screen.  As a rule of thumb, newer laptops will need a higher resolution projector. Be aware that if your laptop and your projector resolution do not match, the projector might not project at all so make sure of this before the time.

Unit weight
Although most companies offer to install everything for you, you might be presenting at numerous institutions which will require you to travel. Projectors come in all shapes and sizes so make sure that you decide on the projector which best fit your needs.

When it comes to printer hire:

Color Scale
This is the range of colors a printer can print. Depending on what you will be printing you want to make sure that the printer has a wide array of color. As a rule of thumb, the more colors the printer can handle,  the brighter the printouts will be.

If you are only going to be printing out notes, you will not need to get a printer that prints such an array of color. In contrast however, if you are going to have to print out brochures, the color scale will be of great importance to you.

A standard printer can print an average of six to seven black text pages per minute and takes about two minutes to print a good quality color page of text and graphic so bear this in mind when deciding on which printer you should hire.

Wireless Printers
A wireless printer allows you to print from any device without having to connect your printer up to a computer or laptop, as long as the device and the printer are connected to a wireless network.

Hiring IT equipment is a great alternative to spending money and buying something which you might not use again. Make sure you convey your specific needs to the IT equipment rental company whose services you will be using.

Tim Burts enjoys writing about anything technology related and understand the importance of projector rental and printer hire in order to have the most successful presentation possible.

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