Everything You Wanted To Know About Pokémon GO

Pokémon Go has become wildly popular which is evident from the fact that the developers of the app have currently paused the roll-out of the app globally as they are struggling to cope up with the huge demand. The game has taken the form of an epidemic. This popular mobile game features Nintendo creatures that have made a name for themselves. This game is available only in few countries as of now. Although, it has been available in a few countries, people have not stopped looking for ways to get this game on their devices.

What makes Pokémon Go wildly popular is that the players need to step outside for playing this game. Real word mapping has been done in this game with the aid of GPS tool. This permits the users to look for the creatures by walking around the town. Real-world locations such as landmarks or churches have been labelled to be “PokeStops”. People can enter these spots for collecting new items. This game inspires exploration. This feature has thrilled the users as they get to explore new places in their vicinity. This game also enhances the chances of community building.

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People get to battle in “gyms” where the players can battle their opponents for building creatures and acquiring new items. You will find a large gathering of players in gyms. Augmented reality technology enables the users to see creatures that have been overlaid in the real world. The investors are really about the steep rise in the stocks after the launch of Pokémon GO 0.29.0 APK. Although, one can download APK for free, the game offers a chance to the players to make in-app purchases. These can further enhance the gaming experience.

The feature of augmented reality has made Pokémon GO 0.29.0 APK quite popular. The players can capture the real creatures of the game hidden in real locations. This seems more or less like a treasure hunt game in real life which propels the users to get out of their house to play. The game is proving out to be popular insanely. The servers of the company have crashed within twenty-four hours of the launch of the game.

How can one get this game?

Despite the app has not been available in all regions of the globe, there have been reports of people indulging in the game all over. Android users have managed to grab a hold of this game. iPhone users have tried to jail break the device for getting this game although it is not officially available. However, these tricks have also posed users at a risk of malware when they are trying to get the app from external sources. If you cannot wait any longer, then you can download APK by following simple steps.

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You need to ensure that the file is in Android application package format. This is the format employed for distribution and installation of apps on Android devices. It would not be hard for you to locate APK download sites directly from your browser. You can retrieve the file from the downloads folder of your smartphone. Make sure you alter your setting to download files from unknown sources for it to work.

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