Experience The Magic Of Bingo Chat Games

Here’s a way to add fun excitement and extra money to the game of bingo! While bingo and chat are fun separately, they are even more entertaining when you marry them. Bingo chat expands your prize-winning horizon because you are actually playing two games at once.

Keeping the Game Lively
Chat games can be played while you are playing bingo online. In the brick and mortar version of bingo they have bingo managers. In the online version they are called “chat hosts,” or “chat moderators.” They run Bingo Chat games. It is their job to keep all of the players in a good mood. They keep the game moving with lively “chat” and fun conversation.

After all, it’s the chatter and banter that goes along with the bingo game as much as the game itself that attracts people to the online version. Bingo chat games also provide a way for players to interact with each other, much as players do in live bingo games. Online bingo happens automatically. The player doesn’t have to keep track of how many numbers he has. That gives him the opportunity to “chat” with other players. They were designed that way, to encourage interaction and to encourage players to stay in the chat room.

Know the Rules
Not all bingo chat rooms operate with the same rules. Some require players to make a minimum deposit before being allowed to play the additional games. Some sites require nothing more than the bingo ticket itself to enter. It is advisable to check the rules for each site so that you don’t end up winning a prize that you can’t claim because you didn’t fit the requirements.

Most games do require that you are playing a bingo game before you can play Bingo Chat. Unlike bingo itself, chat games require that the player pay attention and act quickly.  Some prizes go to the first player to key in the right answer.

Types of Bingo Chat
While there are many forms of bingo chat, they are divided into three types: trivia, numbers or buddies. You choose which game you want to play. Trivia games are among the easiest chat games because their audience is just about everyone. Subjects range from history to sports to movies, like most other trivia games. The winner is usually fastest on the mark, and also the one who is paying the closest attention to what’s going on.

Numbers bingo chat games are frequently based on the game that is currently underway before your very eyes. To play these games you need to actually pay attention to the numbers that are being drawn on the screen. Thus it is a subtle yet effective tactic for keeping players engaged and in the chat room.

Players are asked to predict what the first or last numbers might be, for instance, or to predict number sequences. One number game is called “cube.”  The player takes a number that is on the call board and attempts to form a pack of the same number into a formation. The player who successfully does this wins a prize.

Buddies games happen when players form teams with players who are in other games in order to help a friend in the same room win a prize. They are organized by the chat moderator, who might, for instance, create two teams in the chat room and award a prize to the team whose member wins the bingo prize. He might also award a prize to anyone in the chat room who has the same birth date as the bingo winner. The prizes are as varied and creative as the chat moderator himself or herself.

Themed Chat Games with Bingo
Besides the three basic games, chat moderators also organize themed games. You might see a romantic theme around Valentine’s Day, or a green theme for St. Patrick’s Day or a tree theme for Arbor Day. The holidays are a fertile time for themed games. The prizes offered can be varied, but they are usually bonuses that can be used to buy tickets, although they cannot be cashed in.

Drop in on the next bingo chat game that you see. Your chances of winning are just as good as anyone else’s—and it’s a fun way to spend your time. Besides winning money, you will make new friends. Bingo games are a great way to start a conversation. Nobody stays shy for long once the fun begins!

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