Expressing Personal Style In Interior Design Through The Use Of Color

In order to truly let your personality shine through in your home, you should carefully select the colors that are used in each room. Keep in mind that color plays a big role in establishing mood, and you can use this to your advantage to give each room its own specific feel. For example, if you want to make your workout room feel more inviting, psychologists suggest using the color blue because it will increase your productivity and make you feel more peaceful. However, if blue is your least favorite color, it makes no sense to incorporate it into your interior design.

Bold Color Statements
Many people are concerned about utilizing a color in their home that is extremely bold. If you have this concern but you are particularly interested in using red in your kitchen, you should consider using a neutral tone for the majority of the room and then red on an accent wall. If even that is too bold for you, then you can use red in the smaller pieces of your kitchen, including your microwave or other appliances. Another way to incorporate dramatic color in a subtler way is through the art and wall hangings you choose to display. For example, you could hang a series of black art prints rather than use this heavy color in your interior paint choices. Either way, when you incorporate a bolder color like black or red into a room, you will instantly attract the attention of anyone who walks into the room and create a certain ambiance depending upon hue and shade. Giving this type of thought to color when selecting decor will make the rooms of your home more memorable and enable you to showcase part of your personal style.

Absence of Color
Sometimes you can make a bold statement by leaving a specific color out. Right now, for example, green is one of the most popular colors for interior decorating. Therefore, most people expect to see green when they go to someone’s home, especially in smaller rooms such as the bathroom. By opting for colors less employed, you can make the originality of your personal style truly stand out. Keep in mind that trends come and go, but your favorite colors will always make you happy. If your favorite color happens to be green, the uniqueness of your color choice may be found in hue, shade, or finish. Staying true to your own aesthetic above all will benefit you most in the end. In other words, if dark wood is all the rage but you love light wood, eschew the advice that is given in design magazines and choose light wood. By making this choice, you will feel lighter and happier each time you walk into a room containing the light wood furnishing or accent you chose.

Color Manipulation
A good starting point for interior color design themes is to examine the effects color has on mood. As mentioned above, the color blue is associated with increased productivity and a peaceful feeling. According to psychologists, every color represents something specific, and this has been used by interior designers and marketing professionals for years to set the tone for work and living spaces. A good way to get the most out of your color options is to use stimulating colors such as orange, red and yellow in areas where you want to encourage activity. In the bedroom, however, you should use more subtle, relaxing tones such as turquoise, lavender, or blue. Collect paint swatches at the hardware store and take time playing with color combinations and tones before deciding on a room’s color theme.

Whichever colors you choose, remember that it’s important to not only set a mood, but to also select something that is pleasing to your eye. After all, the color pink promotes stability, but if you don’t like pink, this association does you no good. By using colors that express your own personal style, you will create a space where you can be content, peaceful, and productive; one that you enjoy sharing with others.

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