Facebook Fan Page Design Influence On Online Buying

Today social media marketing has become a rage among all organizations. Almost every business firm has a Facebook page; creating this page is easy but the major concern is that how to get Facebook fans by designing a unique and catchy fan page.

Here are few tips that might help you in designing a Fan Page to get Facebook fans in a short span of time:

1. Design an attractive Landing Page.
Landing Page is the page on which a user lands by clicking on the link. It gives a first impression about your company and products; therefore create an attractive and personalized Landing Page with the help of designing tools like static FBML offered by Facebook and add elements such as a framework for invitation, videos, flash, share button, events tab, etc.

2. Add an interesting Cover Photo:
Cover Photo must signify the company’s aspirations and achievements and must be changed frequently. A photo header that precedes the content is also a good tool to attract the customers to read it.

3. Design your photos:
You can use various online image editing apps like Picnik to rotate, resize and adjust colors, to achieve complex design and to vary sizes of your photos. Make them look catchy rather than traditional rectangular photos do.

4. Integrate and organize tabs on your Fan Page.
Once your Fan Page is created, visitors have immediate access to some native tabs, namely your wall, your information, your photos and discussions. You can add more tabs like links, articles, videos, events, contact, subscription, etc. It is relatively rare that visitors take the time to click on “+” to view all your tabs, so take care that your tab bar shows the most important ones.

5. Advertise on Facebook via Photo Contests.
You can organize photo contests where each customer posts a photo related to a topic or gets to vote for the best photo. You can also start a forum or conduct debate on interesting topics.

6. Publish interesting content regularly.
Being active on Facebook is a must to get Facebook fans. Write regularly on topics relevant to your business, share videos, links and news. Also ask and answer questions and comment on other users’ posts.

7. Link your Fan Page.
Integrating Facebook with your website is an essential tool to encourage visits to your website. This way the users can visit it without leaving Facebook. Also, display the Facebook button on your website or blog as an incentive for your visitors to visit your Fan Page. Include the link of your Facebook page in your email signature, on your business cards, stationery etc. This reinforcement will also help you to promote your Facebook page in the offline world.

Equipped with these handy tips, you are all set to increase your Facebook fans or to design a sensational fan page, if you don’t have one.

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