Factors that Cause Poor Acceleration

Is your car responding in a weird manner when you press the accelerator? Is it not picking up the speed and letting you reach its earliest? Then it is most probably an accelerator issue that needs to get addressed.

In earlier times, this issue could be fixed only by replacing the spark plugs, its related wires, or by tweaking the carburetor a bit. Sometimes it was also the distributor cap and the rotor that needed to be changed.

But in these recent years, the potential reasons for which your car can hesitate while accelerating, are many and much more complex. Here is a brief analysis of these reasons as explained by the experts of the Smithfield Chevrolet.

Fuel Filter Clogging:

The accelerator can be out of tune because of the clogging of the fuel filter. If that is really the issue, then you are really fortunate. The fuel filters in the vehicles are mounted externally, that is located near the fuel tank. The purpose of the fuel filter is to trap down the unnecessary particulates from entering the fuel system and then the engine. This keeps the system clean and results in easy acceleration. Likewise, a worn out fuel filter would affect the performance as the engine gets the haphazard flow of the fuel because of the foreign particles. A replacement of this part can solve this issue instantly. But you need to make sure in the first place if that is the only one in fault.

Damaged Air Filter:

This too is an easy repair and replacement process. A dirty, damaged or clogged air filter will not allow the engine to breathe properly, like the mass air flow (MAF) sensor would also get affected and the computer won’t be able to take the necessary action. Even the fuel economy and overall performance too can suffer. Getting a new one can help restore the original response of the accelerator.

Stuck up Brakes:

Though the issue is about the accelerator, did you notice, if your brake paddles are working fine? If that too is showing a poor response, it can be very much connected to the performance of the accelerator as well. A dragged brake pedal isn’t only the cause of poor acceleration but a very big signal for the impending danger, which can’t wait to get repaired or replaced. How to know? After a long hour drive, do any of the wheels feel hotter to touch than the others? If yes, then the experts of the Smithfield Chevrolet dealership say that you should change the brake pedals right away.

Impaired O2 Sensor:

The oxygen sensor, which you can find near the exhaust stream is also a critical part of the car that is responsible for the emission controls. The function of the O2 sensor is to monitor the content of the gases through the exhaust system and from there send relevant information to the computer, that controls the engine. This entire process is necessary to make the fuel metering adjustments. So, an impaired O2 sensor can send multiple trouble codes, which will illuminate the CEL, causing the poor running condition, fuel economy, excessive emissions, and poor acceleration. Black smoke coming out of the exhaust pipe will prove if the O2 sensor is to be blamed.

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