Fantastic Frames – How To Find Glasses That Fit Your Face

Whether you’ve worn glasses all your life or you’ve only just started wearing them you will know that finding a new pair of glasses is not always an easy task! Your new glasses are an accessory you are going to have to wear every day for the foreseeable future so you need to make sure they suit you!

When it comes to choosing glasses the most important thing to remember is to choose a frame that suits the shape of your face. But do you a) know what shape your face is and b) know what frames fit that shape? No? Don’t panic we have all the info you need right here!

How to Determine Your Face Shape…

You need to decide whether your face is square, oblong, round, oval or heart shaped. There are a few simple ways that you can do this. One way is to take a picture of yourself and print it off or get it up on your computer screen and trace round the outline of your face using tracing paper and a pencil. Another way you can do it is to look in the mirror and draw the outline of your face with your lipstick (or your girlfriends!) and work out your face shape from that.

Now you’ve determined the shape of your face, check out our great guide to each face shape and find out which frames suit you best.

Square Face:

A square face will have a strong jawline and a broad forehead. Aviators are probably the best frame for a square face as your strong features can carry it off. Other options for you to try are:

• Larger frames with bold detailing will always compliment defined features.
• For the men, metal frames look great on square faces as it accentuates chiselled features.
• For the ladies who want to soften a strong jaw, you should choose butterfly frames. Think oversized and glam – and above all feminine.
• Rectangular frames with soft edges are great for both male and female. And create a really classic look.

Oblong Face:

When it comes to oblong faces the most important thing to do is choose glasses that don’t extend beyond the widest part of your face, you want to look for round or square shapes that will compliment your face.

• Again aviators are a timeless choice for both male and female and can help to accentuate your cheekbones and chisel features.
• For guys, a solid frame with dark colours or prints will keep your glasses looking masculine and create a defined outline.
• For the girls, oval, sturdy-sized specs are perfect for everyday wear, offering a contemporary look.

Round Face:

If you have a round face, definition is key to slimming down your cheeks, choosing a frame that is slightly wider than your face can achieve this. Also soft but angular style glasses will soften your face as well as making it look longer.

• You should avoid round frames – instead opt for angular frames with bold, embellished arms to give you a great silhouette as well as defining your face.

Oval Face:

If you have an oval face you are one of the lucky ones as pretty much all frames will work on your face! You have the ability to experiment with all the latest looks and find the one you like the most.

• Large frames are great for oval faces as they will accentuate your cheekbones however if you want to soften your face metal framework can help you achieve this.
• Going for a frame that has a lot of detailing on the arms will pull your temples out, giving your face a defined look.

Heart Shaped Face:

A heart shape face carries with it a pointed chin with wide cheekbones and forehead, this shape can really carry off the quirkier looking frames.

• Retro shaped glasses like the ‘cat-eye’ can look great and you can experiment with different colours and patterns.
• Rectangular frames will really suit a heart shaped face and can balance out a pointed chin.

Now you are armed with the information, hit the shops and find yourself the perfect pair of specs for your peepers!

This post was written by Meredith Watts on behalf of City Specs, one of the UK’s leading opticians and prescription experts.

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