Fantastic Furniture Makeovers

All those DIY projects we all keep seeing on Pinterest, Better Home and Gardens, and all the other creative cat websites out there can be inspiring, but where do you actually start? Revamping old furniture doesn’t require quite as much skill as you may have thought. Of course it’s a good idea to actually have a use for the furniture before you start your project but a rescued piece of furniture can also make a great gift.
Okay, let’s get down to business.

Makeover 1: The Dresser
Have you ever been in a thrift shop and noticed a beat up old dresser in the corner? Ever wondered who buys that kind of junk, I mean, furniture? Well, it could be you! There is always an old dresser lurking in the corner of a thrift shop so snap it up and make it your next DIY project. If some of the drawers are damaged, just discard them and leave the gaps for storage or put matching baskets to fill the space. Give the dresser a good coat of paint and add a couple of furniture feet. If this is for a child’s bedroom, you can paint the feet different colours to add a little more fun to the piece. If you’re feeling really crafty, you can add a stencil to the front as well.

Makeover 2: The Bookcase
While the name can be deceiving, a bookcase can be so much more than a place to store your high school text books. By adding a drop down panel in the middle of the bookcase you can have an instant table. Cut out a panel from wood or fibreboard to size and use chains and hooks to fasten the extra panel. This way your new fold out table can also be stored away when it’s not used.
Your new bookcase will also need a fresh coat of paint including the new table so it all matches. Once done, add anything from books to goldfish to photos.

Makeover 3: The Vanity
This one can be a little tricky. Old vanities are usually heavy and bulky and sometimes the mirrors are cracked and useless. If your mirror is cracked get rid of the back of the vanity so it’s just a set of drawers with a table top. Once you have done that, sand the vanity down and give it a fresh coat of paint. If it includes any carved areas, you can paint these another colour if you have a steady hand. Otherwise you can take the drawers out and cover the front in wallpaper or other pretty paper.
If your vanity mirror isn’t broken, it’s almost a shame to get rid of it. When painting the vanity, tape around the mirror so you don’t get any paint on the mirror itself.

Don’t discard old furniture just because it has a few bumps and bruises. A fresh coat of paint and an enthusiastic attitude can breathe new life into almost any old piece of junk. And what if you mess up? Who cares! You were probably going to throw it out anyway.

Julie works on behalf of Furniture Find, a Perth based campany specialising in online furniture australia.

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