Fashion Nightmares To Avoid

With so many choices as to what to wear it is incredible that so many people seem to fall prey to fashion disasters! Is it the case that these style victims do not use mirrors or are they just delusional? I know everyone has their own personal style and tastes but there really are some things that should never see the light of day whoever you are!

Transparent Leggings

Black leggings and opaque fashion tights are staple element of many girls’ wardrobes but unfortunately if they are too thin and worn without shorts or a long top these things put your knickers and thongs on public display and who really wants to see that? Some people even see fit to wear them with white underwear which just makes the whole situation worse. Come on ladies have a look at your posterior in a mirror before you hit the streets and save us all an eyeful!

Ultra Short Shorts

Shorts have never been the most flattering of garments but the new trend for the ultra-cropped variety is just wrong. Buttocks are on display everywhere and the very existence of these monsters seems to
have encouraged ladies of a fuller figure to give them a try with deeply unpleasant results.

Platform Shoes

There is nothing wrong with platform shoes as such. A small platform on a stylish shoe can look very elegant which is more than can be said for the enormous stilts that seem to be everywhere. I have lost count of the number of times I have seem girls struggling to walk in these instruments of torture with the consequence that they look clumsy and rather drunk. I am sure accident and emergency departments have seen a huge increase in broken ankles of late not to mention crushed toes and foot injuries which have occurred as a result of people having to take the things off and walk barefoot.

The Wrong Size

How often do you see girls bulging out of clothes that are too tight? There are few things less attractive than those awful gaps that appear in shirts and blouses as the buttons cling on for dear life under the strain. This can only be the result of people’s delusions regarding their size. If you are a size 16 where a 16, do not try to cram yourself into a 12 in an attempt to convince yourself that you are that size! This is a tendency that is all the more difficult to understand when sizes are getting ever more generous. If you fit in a 12 now you are probably really a 14 anyway!

Mini Me Kids Clothes

Children should be allowed to be children and should be dressed appropriately. Why do so many people try to clothe their offspring like adults in sexy styles and even high-heeled shoes. Being a kid should be fun and children’s clothing should reflect this, not be a mirror image of adult styles. Kids’ clothes should be colourful, practical and appropriate for playing in. We are simply forcing kids to grow up too fast.  For us, the best sort of kids clothes are ones which allow children to move around, play and actually be kids… for example the range of Mini A Ture clothing offered in boutiques in the UK.

Visible Panty Lines

Appearing in public with panty lines is unforgiveable, it looks sloppy and unpleasant. Take a good Look in a mirror and examine your rear before you can be sure it is safe to leave the house. If you have visible lines either your underwear or your clothes do not fit properly or you need to invest in a new style of knickers.


OK I know panty lines are a horror but going commando in a skirt or dress is even worse. The simple act of sitting down turns into an act of contortion and one puff of wind and everything you have is on display. With the number of celebrities who have been publicly caught out getting in and out of cars you would think people would have learnt by now!

Take a Good Look at Yourself

Before appearing in public take the time to examine your outfit for fatal flaws and don’t just look at your front and when you invest in a new outfit just buy the size that fits you and be realistic about what you can get away with. If you are buying clothes for kids buy fun and practical not catwalk pieces!

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