Fashion – Your Consumer Rights

No matter how much you love fashion and adore shopping, the retailer doesn’t always seem to be on your side, and consumers are often unsure about their rights. Here we take a look at some basic clothing consumer rights and, if the worst comes to the worst, how to name and shame a business.

Fashion - Your Consumer Rights

Firstly, ensure that your items adhere to the handy SAD FART mnemonic from Money Saving Expert. This stands for Satisfactory quality As Described, Fit for purpose And last a Reasonable length of Time.

Quality and Purpose

What is ‘quality’ and what is ‘satisfactory quality’? What is ‘fit for purpose’? These terms are ambiguous, but if you can prove the item doesn’t qualify, most companies will issue a refund. If a coat is described as waterproof but isn’t, for example, then it is arguably not ‘fit for purpose’.

Reasonably Long-Lasting

Obviously, the term ‘last a reasonable amount of time’ is also open to interpretation, but don’t assume that because a jumper has ripped after a month you can’t take it back. If the rip genuinely occurred without your intervention, the jumper simply hasn’t lasted a ‘reasonable amount of time’.

No Receipt? No Problem

For items that you simply don’t like or just don’t fit, you will usually need the receipt; however, a genuinely faulty item only requires proof of purchase. This means that as long as you have a bank statement proving your purchase, a shop shouldn’t deny you the opportunity to return the item.

What About the Service?

With clothes increasingly bought online, the service ? such as the website experience, the packaging and the delivery ? plays a big part in the sales process. What if the delivery takes much longer than advised? What if the courier left your parcel in a vulnerable place? If you feel you that you haven’t received great service and the retailer hasn’t offered you any compensation, then name and shame a business with Soap Box Shout and perhaps it will sit up and listen.

You can find out more about consumer rights from the Citizens’ Advice Bureau.

Don’t let companies take you for a fool. Know your rights and stand up for yourself when goods are not as described, are not fit for purpose or do not last as long as they should.

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