Features Of MS Office 2010

MS office is one of the flagship products of Microsoft Corporation – hundreds of millions of users use this exciting product across the globe and almost in all domains of businesses.

Microsoft Corporation always strives to update, improve and make this product more featured and attractive one to its widespread customer base across the globe. MS office 2010 or MS Office 14 is one of exciting office suites that is highly featured task oriented; this is the reason that hundreds of millions of satisfied customers are using this product till today around the world.

MS office 2010 suite consists of a complete set of applications and tools that is very suitable for a wide range of professionals in different fields of business and development. This suite includes following tools and applications.

• MS Word 2010
• MS Excel 2010
• MS PowerPoint
• MS Outlook
• MS Access
• MS Project
• MS Visio
• Publishers
• OneNote
• InfoPath
• SharePoint Workspace
• And other customization tools etc.

MS Office 2010 is the successor version of MS Office 2007; the limited version of this latest office 2010 suite was released on April 15, 2010 and full version on July 15th of the same year. This suite supports extended file formats and runs on any windows based operating systems newer than Windows XP and Windows Server 2003. MS office 2010 is the last release of office suite that supports both Windows XP and Windows Server 2003. The exciting software requires only 500MHz or faster machine with 512MB of RAM to run it smoothly and efficiently. MS office 2010 has been integrated with many new applications, tools and features that make it one of the most exciting applications of the day. These features and capabilities of MS Office 2010 are summarized in following list.

• MS Office 2010 is highly featured and employees-specific; these specific features are very useful for research and development professionals and many others like human resources and sales etc.

• This version supports ODF (OpenDocument format) and OOXML (open office XML) formats

• Office 14 integrates background removal tool, screen capture tool, clipping tool, smart art templates, and other tools for better productivity

• It provides very easy access to different tasks like printing, collaboration and sharing etc.

• PowerPoint of MS office 2010 suite features very advanced transition and animation options that make it more attractive for executives and other professionals

• Highly featured editing and effects for image and text are supported in this version of office suite

• MS Word has very exciting look and features that are integrated into this office suite; synchronous scrolling is supported in MS word of Office 14

• An additional feature called Outlook Social Connector is integrated into Office suite 2010; this feature is very exciting for users to get updates from his or her social circles on LinkedIn, Facebook, Myspace and others

• MS office 2010 is the first version that requires product activation for volume license

• An online web based versions of PowerPoint, Excel, Word, and OneNote are available under Office Web Apps in MS office 2010 suite

• MS office 2010 is also available for mobiles operating systems

• MS Excel 2010 supports few exciting free-applications modules for specific tasks; these applications are available online to download

There are many other features that have either been removed from older versions due to unattractiveness or modified in accordance with the needs of professional users. In short, MS office 2010 suite is very exciting and perfect for every user across multiple domains of businesses.

Kimberly Suse is a corporate trainer for Microsoft Office training. She graduated college 4 years ago and recently married. Article Courtesy of  microsoftoffice2010training.com

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