Final Lapse of Campaigning – Obama and Romney on Their Way

The campaigning and publicity for the American Presidential elections at the last hours took a very serious note, with both the candidates pitching and setting their own battlegrounds. The candidates were campaigning in six states in front of enthusiast crowds and preaching their own vision and plans in shaping up the nation of America.

Recently, the face-off between the two contesting candidates had been in the circles of the world media. The clash started with the face-to-face interview, where Romney was able to sweep clear the ground and emerge as the candidate having the potential to turn on the sentiments of the general people. However, as days passed, the effect became slightly diluted. As of now, the former President is having a slight advantage from his counterpart, but the inclination of a few states is still keeping the whole world unaware of the possible outcome of the election.

Romney on the other hand is able to charge up the masses by his fiery speech and is placing himself as the most suitable candidate, promising the citizens to recover the nation from the crisis that is looming over it. He is specially laying stress on the financial reforms for the country and urging people to vote for him so that he could help America achieve the place in the world that it has lost. The campaign also saw the musical fistfight of the bands, who were joining their respective favorite personalities.

Obama, on his campaign, accused his opponent of showering false promises to the citizens of the nation. He alleged that Romney is trying to encash on the false visions and is even marketing old ideas, that the American people had shredded years back by choosing him to head the state. He urged his supporters and the citizens to vote for him, so that the country can move forward in a stable manner and they can finish what they had targeted to achieve all these days. In support of his speech and to emancipate on the solid foundation of his vision, Obama referred to the economic reforms brought about by the administration of President Bill Clinton.

Aspiring candidate, Romney mentioned that his campaign has become a movement in the recent times that America needed very badly in the present situation. He even accused Obama of deliberately holding back economic reforms that would pave the way for a bright future of the country.

It is being predicted by the experts that Obama will possibly be getting the support of 201 electoral votes, while Romney will be achieving 191. With these predictions, it is a very tough call to anticipate the result of such a crucial and important Presidential election of this period. To add to this, Ohio will be at under the media glare, since it is being seen as the decisive ground for the results of this election and Romney is even expected to campaign on the day of the election making it rather a fierceful contest between the two candidates.

While reports are showing both the candidates to be in a more or less same situation, the votes from the states of Florida, Michigan, Ohio, North Carolina, Wisconsin and a few will be very crucial in determining the final call of the election.

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