Find Out The Cheapest Airlines Around The World Before Buying Your Ticket

Before traveling or buying your ticket, find out the cheapest airlines around the world. Plan your successful, smart and “economic” trip with local popular cost-effective transportations.

Travelers spend more than one quarter of their trip expenses on airline tickets, which makes them “frustrated” with the expected high cost even for short trips. This is when we talk about a trip to a single destination, let alone visiting more than one city or state in the same vacation!

To help travelers, we have gathered information about the best airlines with lowest costs around the world. Refer to this information before traveling to any destination and save a lot of money on flying by booking with these safe well-known companies.

Imagine that by “saving” on airline tickets you can book a hotel room for a longer period, enjoy other tourist activities and even buy as many gifts as you want.

Find Out The Cheapest Airlines Around The World Before Buying Your Ticket


“A plane is sometimes cheaper than a Taxi”

In Europe, domestic and inter-European countries airline ticket prices are unbelievable. By saying “unbelievable” we do not mean they are pretty expensive, but quite the contrary. Imagine that sometimes you can travel between European cities with an airline ticket worth less than 30 euros!

How? The answer is simply via a number of affordable airlines, including:

“Ryanair”: It is the largest cost-effective airline in Europe. The headquarter is located in Ireland, and offers flights to nearly 33 countries, including the most famous European countries, their work is mainly focused on Britain, France, Italy, Germany, Poland and Spain, in addition to the Canary Islands, Cyprus, Greek islands, Malta and Azores. The secret of the low cost of their airline tickets is that they choose to go to secondary airports in less-famous cities in Europe, which is perfect for those who would like to visit new places and navigate around the European countries at the lowest possible cost.

Easyjet”: A British transportation company that focuses its flights on the United Kingdom, France, Germany and other countries.

“Air Berlin”: It is the largest airline in Germany after “Lufthansa”, which organizes domestic flights between German cities and a number of European and world countries. Speaking of cheap airlines in Germany, we should mention that Euro wings has become one of the leading aviation companies and expanding the scope of its flights annually.

Wizz Air: An airline in Hungary, offering cheap flights to European countries, Georgia and the UAE.


Remote destinations are closer and “cheaper” than you think!

High ticket prices are often a major obstacle to travelers who choose stunning Asian destinations. But what many people do not know is that there are many airlines offer the possibility of traveling between famous cities with the lowest possible cost, including:

“AirAsia”: A Malaysian company and the largest low-cost airline in Asia, with its headquarter in Kuala Lumpur. The company organizes trips to more than 20 countries in Asia, including: Indonesia, Philippines, Thailand and India.

“Lion Air”: An Indonesian airline that offers flights to dozens of the most important cities in Asian destinations including Indonesia, Singapore, Malaysia, Saudi Arabia and China.

Indian “Indigo” airlines: Offers trips among Indian cities in addition to Dubai and Muscat.

“Cebu Pacific“: Located in Manila, Cebu Pacific is the largest airline in Philippines which organizes trips to various cities and islands within its home in addition to several foreign destinations such as the UAE, Saudi Arabia, Singapore, Malaysia and Thailand.

Fly Dubai“: The Carrier offers cheap flights to a number of Arab cities, European countries (Ukraine, Croatia, Bulgaria, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Czech Republic) as well as Georgia and the Maldives.

Turkish “Pegasus” Airline: Offers cheap flights between Turkish cities and a number of Arab and European countries.


“Mango” is flying up high!

Tourism in Africa is cheap in general; this is also reflected on airline tickets, some of which can be purchased at low prices. Below are some cost-effective airlines:

Mango Airline: Based in the city of Johannesburg in South Africa, the airline links various cities of South Africa as well as Zanzibar region of Tanzania with cheap trips.

“Fast Jet”: A British Company specialized in organizing cheap flights on the east coast of Africa, and its flights are focused on Tanzania and Zimbabwe.

Air Arabia Egypt”: Provides cheap flights between Arab countries.

“Air Arabia Morocco”: Connects the major cities of Morocco, in addition to a number of European capitals and cities such as: London, Paris, Frankfurt, Venice, Madrid, Istanbul, Barcelona and Amsterdam.

North America

“What do you need? Cheap tickets”

Air traveling in the North American is cheap and serves a huge number of travelers, especially with the United States and Canada depend on domestic aviation. Below are the most important airlines:

Southwest: It is the largest low cost airline in the world. Based in Texas, the airline offers flights between various American States, as well as Mexico, and Puerto Rico together with a number of Central American countries.

WestJet: A Canadian company organizes trips to Canadian and American cities, in addition to countries of Central America and the United Kingdom.

South America

“Don’t forget your tickets”

Moving between cities and countries in South America depends mainly on the airlines. The tickets are cheap in general, and most of the famous cities are connected to each other with direct flights. The most important airlines are:

Gol Transportes Aereos: It is the largest low-cost airline in South America and Brazil, which offers flights between various Brazilian cities, Latin American countries and the United States.


Buying a ticket would be a “pain in the neck”

Australia is a country and a continent too. Flying is the best way to visit cities and landmarks of this picturesque remote tourist destination. The most important low-cost airline is:

Jetstar: Offers flights between Australian cities, as well as Japan, China, Thailand, New Zealand, Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines and Singapore.