Finding A Few Hundred Cousins

DNA tests are becoming more diverse than just for paternity tests. In UK, you can use these affordable tests to find family members that you never knew existed. Whether you are tracing your family tree or you need a paternity test, DNA testing is now the simplest option.

The Evolution of DNA Testing

DNA testing was once very expensive and could take several months to complete. Today, you can use this genetic test to find relatives for about $100 and receive the results in as little as a few days. If you are tracing your family tree, you will need to know some basic information about genetics and DNA testing to ensure accurate results.

The two most common types of tests available are Y-DNA and mitochondrial DNA testing. Y-DNA is completed through the male line using DNA markers passed from father to son. Males within the same family will have this genetic marker for generations. Mitochondrial DNA testing can be completed through the female line. If you are looking for distant relatives that have become lost over time, you will rely on an autosomal DNA test.

Autosomal DNA Testing

Autosomal DNA tests can look at how genetically similar you are to others. Both Y-DNA and mitochondrial DNA testing can tell you whether or not you are related to someone; autosomal DNA tests c can tell you exactly how closely related to someone you are. All three types of tests measures back for many generations, so you can use it to find family members that aren’t part of your immediate family. For example, if your family immigrated from another country many years ago, you can use this test to find family members in your family’s native country. You may find dozens of cousins, aunts, and uncles that you didn’t know you had with one simple, inexpensive test.

DNA tests can be useful for many reasons. You can use Y-DNA tests to determine your family medical history, for instance. For those who never know their parents and extended family, learning about genetic tendencies toward specific medical conditions can ensure the proper preventative measures are taken. Medical history testing can be particularly important to those having their own children. Having knowledge of medical issues is particularly important during pregnancy.

How it Works

DNA tests begin with collecting a sample from both parties being tested. A cheek swab is often used since saliva contains DNA and is very easy to work with. Hair samples and blood can also be used to compare DNA. Most companies today rely on cheek swab samples. You will need to mail in each sample you would like to compare with DNA analysis. Remember that the other parties must consent to testing and provide a sample for testing to begin.

You may be able to access the results of your DNA tests within forty-eight hours depending on the company you choose. If you have opted for mailed results, you will received the analysis within two weeks. The cost can vary depending on the company you use. It is best to choose a DNA testing facility that has a good reputation and that is widely recognized for accurate results rather than simply choosing the least expensive option.

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