Fitness Tips For Vacation

The key to overall fitness is consistency. However, life happens and sometimes you are out of your usual routine and element. These events are bound to happen. And, they happen when you least expect it. In order to see long term maintainable results it’s important to stay consistent during these times and keep your fitness and diet routine somewhat intact. These five tips will equip you with actionable ways to stay on top of your fitness and diet routine while on vacation.

If You Fail To Plan, You Plan To Fail

Right now, today, before you have any idea when you will be going on a vacation, make a plan for how to maintain your fitness and diet routine. Make it easy. Put it into action now. Realize that the day will come and you have to roll with the punches, yet also put in the prep work to stay on top of your game. Realize that you may be traveling for extended periods of time, have limited access to your usual healthy foods, and have limited access to a gym or gym equipment. What CAN you do despite being out of your usual routine, perhaps different sleep routine and different access to food? Assess your current routine and see what you can transfer over into a vacation routine.

Learn A Body Weight Workout Or Use Resistance Bands

Best case scenario is that you go on vacation and have a great gym at your fingertips. Unfortunately, more often than not, many hotels only come equipped with a few cardio machines. In the event that your workout routine is more than just cardio, be sure to learn a complete bodyweight workout routine. Practice the routine!

Bring Your Own Food And Supplements

One of the easiest, no muss no fuss ways to stay on track is to pack your own protein powder (if you currently use one), or your own greens supplement. Keep your diet in check by getting in these two daily requirements with just downing a shake you can mix with water in your room. Of course if you are already in a supplement routine – bring any pill form of supplements you typically take. If you would like to review some additional supplements that are great for taking while traveling, see this piece written by Dr Frank Lipman.

Drink Your Water!

Enjoy treats, but be sure to fit in plenty of fruits, vegetables and most importantly – water! Track your water intake with one of these apps.

Enjoy Your Trip Even If Your Fitness And Diet Are Not Perfect

Part of long term success with your fitness and diet is it being maintainable. So if taking a break from your five days of working out to a three days of walking in the mountains then, that is appropriate for your body. The rest and relaxation is crucial to your long term health as well, but just make sure you don’t spend your entire vacation drinking like a fish or wasting away at the casino, as it will make it incredibly difficult for you to resume your routine once you get home.