Five Awesome Strategies For LinkedIn

Undeniably, the social networks available online today have become so overwhelming that it has actually become trouble to keep up with all of them. One thing for sure is that you need to invest time and effort to ensure that all your profiles are up to date in all your social networks. Other than keeping your profiles current you also have to make sure that they are attractive, represent who you are, and that they also stand out amongst the millions of profiles out there in the internet universe. The social networks online today have become more than just a venue for you to play and keep up with the social lives and happenings of your friends and family.

Today, your network includes your family, friends, colleagues, previous colleagues and most especially your clients and potential clients. In fact, one way to make yourself really marketable in the job market not only in the city or country you live but in the whole world, is to have an attractive and impressive professional profile. That is where LinkedIn comes in. LinkedIn is a social networking website for professionals.

LinkedIn as a professionals networking site is a perfect example of how effective it is to have a professional profile. It has been proven to work as there are a lot of testimonies from different people all over the world on how the site has helped them find jobs that pay well, meet their interests and ultimately, jobs they really love. Follow these five strategeis to make sure that you are maximizing LinkedIn’s capabilities.

1. Get Noticed!
To make the most of LinkedIn as a social networking site, you have to find ways to make your skills, expertise, experience and abilities be known and be noticed given that you are competing against a vast number of the population who are also trying to do the same thing from the site.  Not only can you market yourself as an applicant, you can also market your business or whatever goods and services that you may have to offer to the world.

2. Update Your Profile
There are a few strategies that work to be different and be a standout in LinkedIn. First, be on time with updating your profile. As time goes by, your work experience, skills and training would have improved. This information will need to be updated on your profile so that people may see that you are on a continuous quest for improvement and that you are also willing and able to learn.

3. Be Specific
Be very specific with your profile. Include dates, locations, references and their contact addresses may it be through mail, email, or their office address. You would have to ensure though, that these references of course would put in a good word for you when the time comes when potential clients or head hunters are already considering you and would give them a call. Being specific in your profile shows that you have attention to detail and that you are honest with what you are putting out there in the Internet universe.

4. Specify Your Qualifications
Being specific also makes it easier for the person who views your profile to know the exact details of your work experience, your education, as well as the things that you are capable of doing.

5. Choose Your Connections
Be particular with the kind of people whom you connect with. Prospective clients or employers would also take a look at your connections to see where you are in the job field and also what kind of people are your colleagues. They will directly correlate your connections to who you are as a person even if they don’t mean to. Having the right connections will indeed pave the way for the right contacts to find you.

By following these five strategies you will definitely have an attractive profile, keep it updated, and most of all you will come off as professional.

Article writen by Mark Jones of OSI Affiliate Software.

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